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The older I get the less I cry. So I was wondering, no matter the circumstance wether its was good or bad. When was the last time you cried.

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The day AvX started.

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The end of this
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@YoungJustice: Sorry to heard that.

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When I watched I am Sam couple of weeks ago.

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at my mother's funeral
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Everytime I get stuck behind a bad driver. Nah I'm joking, but on a serious note, it was probaly at the last funeral I went to.

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Off and On, sometimes my eyes water when im nervous.... Usually I cry when I miss my Dad which is atleast twice a month. If not, more often.

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I do not understand the concept.

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Last year. It wasn't from sadness. It was from anger.

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Three weeks ago when my grandfather passed away was the last time I really cried. I still feel it welling up sometimes, but I fight it down.

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i cried alot as a teen so dont anymore

UNLESS its a really sad movie or when me and my partner go through a rough patch, literally only person who can make me cry

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10 years ago.

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my best friend passed on New Years so a good bit between then and now

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When my dog died.

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Watching The Rock.

When all of the Seals died..... (Well not ALL all)

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@blackadamFTW said:

When my dog died.

Same it was about six months ago and I had had her since I was four....

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When my fiance said yes when I proposed to her. Yeah, I'm a soft sissy! Sue me! >:p

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@TheCannon said:

The end of this

Me too.