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São Paulo, Brazil - A biker jacking attempt was caught on film last Saturday. A 30-year old security guard filmed the incident on a camera in his helmet. Upon stopping on a traffic light, he was assaulted by two muggers, one of them armed. As soon as the armed robber (identified as Leonardo Escarante Santos, 18) gets up on the bike, a police officer that was stationed on the other side of the street appears to arrest him. When Escarante tries to resist, he is shot by the cop twice, in the leg and abdomen. He was hospitalized and is currently doing well in no risk of dying, while is accomplice managed to run way. The biker can be heard saying "Now you gonna steal in Hell, you freak. You aren't going to take my bike!". The victim's identity hasn't been revealed yet, but he is said to be pretty shaken by the whole experience. He fears that he might have died if the robber had noticed the camera in his helmet and wants to sell his bike because he is afraid to keep it any longer.

This event now went memetical in Brazil with people making viral jokes too.

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Should've pistol whipped him

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Lol @ the viral video.

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@_slim_ said:

Lol @ the viral video.

Ikr, that was the work of genius ;)

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@_slim_ said:

Lol @ the viral video.

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He won't be stealing bikes anymore, I'd bet.