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@falconpuuunch said:

50 years from now most old people are going to be wearing skinny jeans and snapbacks and that right there is why I want to die before I turn 45.

Like this??

*throws up*

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Old people can buy their own clothes.

ba-dum tish! Funny is funny.

When I think of old people clothes, I see it more like elastic waisted pants and tunic style tops? So like -- 50 year old and up? As it stands now, I would think I am already wearing "old people" clothes if that means posh blouses and pencil skirts/slacks. I just dress for the occasion although I do like to make sure I have something that can be considered "youngish"on.

Outside of that, pretty much athletic wear when lounging about. Is that considered old people's clothes?

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Comic book, movie or video game shirts for life