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I wanna make a Pull List, but I don't know what it is. What is it? It sounds like a bad thing, comics that you'd pull off the shelves, due to their sucking so hard. But, I have a feeling that's not it...

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You sorta got it right. Most comic stores will "pull" comics for you when you "subscribe" to them. Like my LCS grabs everything I want and holds them for me. Before we launched the site, I would go basically once a month. I wouldn't have to worry about missing an issue if it sold out or anything. (I go every week now, obviously). My store owner also knows what I like and will add tie-ins or related comics if she thinks I'd want it (and of course I have the option of putting them back on the shelf). Comic stores that due this usually give you some sort of discount too. At least mine does.

The pull-list here is basically all the comics you read. Speaking of, I think mine probably needs updating. I'm sure I don't have everything I read on mine.

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Oh, that means on a regular basis, right? Then, I don't need to make one, since I don't buy anything Monthly...