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@warlock360 said:

@overlordarhas: exactly. Knowing this, you should be able to see that in sacrificing (what you know you would before hand) you made the step in a right direction. And it should be only the first of many to come since you don't stop there but keep doing so until you die, that is what it means to be what you want to be.

Does not work that way, in making a decision, there are too many variable to consider. You may overlook an important factor leading to a faulty one. Once you make the faulty decision, you forgo of the correct one, worse if it is the type that is irreversible.

I can relate, made a few of them myself :(

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@veshark said:

"Always be yourself.

Unless you can be Batman.

Then be Batman."

@black_arrow said:


So many people wants to be Batman, guess he is the only Superhero who is not outside our reach.


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-I wish I was a little bit taller

-I wish I was a baller

-I wish I had a girl who looked good so I could call her

-I wish I had a rabbit in a hat in the back of a '64 Impala

OMG Skee-Lo?? That reference took me right back ^__^