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mine:black and gold/panthers

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Purple and Gold
"the Fightin Chicks"

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mine is shades of blue and white
mascot: crusaders (i think im the only one in the school who thinks this is quite offensive)

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I went to two high schools 
Black/Blue-Panthers @ Jordan High 
Yellow/Black-Trojans @ Yucca Valley
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blue and gold.The North Omaha Vikings.  A blatant rip off of the Minnesota Vikings helmet design, and i don't even think we had a mascot outfit...

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black and gold
washington county golden hawks
going to their first football game tonight actually. ;)

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red and white, whiting warriors
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Wetumpka Indians 
Black & Gold
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Blue and White.  We were the Shamrocks... 

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shamrocks? and yinz were blue and white? whats up with that? 
sharon tigers: black & orange
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White & Blue

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yellow, green 
we're the vikings
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Black and Orange: Normans

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Blue and Gold  
The Chancellor 

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Thanks everyone. I love knowing different school colors.

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I went to two different high schools xP
First one:
Maroon, Navy Blue and Silver 
The Blackhawks
Second one:
Navy Blue and white 
The Eagles

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Maroon and green. are mascot was the devil 
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Maroon and Gold it was a lion wearing a Burger King crown.

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I think it was a bird and it had two colors, IDK usually I slept during pep rallies and such

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Vassar Vulcans, orange and black. 

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Maroon and White! and... i think a viking :P not sure lol

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Red & Gold.  We were obviously rams.
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Blue and yellow, they said gold, it was yellow and pirates or some close to one.

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Blue and White... Wildcats... 
just like the Kentucky Wildcats basically though my HS is based on Florida
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  Mascot:  Mustangs
  Colors:  Brown and Gold
  Yes, it looked as bad as it sounds.
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Colors: Navy Blue and White
Mascot: Panther

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I like how everyone has some species of carnivore or generic tough sounding mascot, and my school is all about sheep.
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a rugby school was mine  
our colours were sky blue and navy blue 

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Green and Silver 
The Raritan Rockets baby!

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Purple and White

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Blue and Gold

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Maroon and Gold, Spartan was the mascot.

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blue and white cowboys

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My High School's colors are Black and Orange, and as for the mascot, it's copyright infringement just waiting to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, "The Rock Man"!
Yes, he is also known as The Thing from that popular magazine those damn kids read....

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Dashing Eagle, Gold and White.
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Black and Orange, Trojans.