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There we always be talks about comic and movie crossover but never really any video games. So me personally....

Tomb Raider/Uncharted

Halo/Mass Effect

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Arkham City's combat system with Left 4 Dead gameplay mechanics. Characters from DC comics.

Left 4 Dead/Batman: Arkham City

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Yes I'd just like to see a game where Lara Croft and Nathan Drake interact

That game would be awesome

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It'd be pretty interesting to see a Fallout/Bioshock crossover.

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Crash Bandicoot and Saints Row 3

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I would love to see Dante and Kratos team up to fight the underworld .

Also a Marvel ultimate alliance type game with Dc characters .

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Tomb Raider/Devil May Cry

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This is so weird. I was just last night thinking "How well would Link do in a Resident Evil game?'

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@wildvine said:

This is so weird. I was just last night thinking "How well would Link do in a Resident Evil game?'


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@wildvine said:

This is so weird. I was just last night thinking "How well would Link do in a Resident Evil game?'

Sun song!!! Freeze those undead bastards in their tracks, then use the light arrows. Easy.

Metroid Prime/Halo 2 or 3.

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Crash Bandicoot and Sly Fox in SSB d^_^b

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Mario and Resident Evil

Mario eats a bad mushroom and hallucinates....

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Home Front/Call Of Duty

Halo/Mass Effect

Halo/Star Wars The Force Unleashed


Half Life/Portal

Resident Evil/Call Of Duty.

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Call of Duty/Homefront

Dragon Ball Z/Marvel

Resident Evil/Dead Rising

Left 4 Dead/Dead Rising

Halo/Mass Effect

Halo/Star Wars

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Tekken and Soul Calibur.

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Battlefield/ Call of Duty

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Elder Scrolls/The Witcher

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Tomb Raider/Uncharted

Marvel VS Injustice

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Halo/Gears of War

Shonnen Jump characters vs capcom

Skyrim/Dark souls

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Saints Row/ Super Mario Bros

Devil May Cry/ Bayonetta

Shoen Jump/ Capcom

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Marvel/DC ..... Pac-Man/Nintendo d^_^b

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SAW, Alice Madness Returns & Dead Space crossover = Mind Blow

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DC vs Marvel

Halo & Gears of War

Mass Effect & Aliens vs Predator

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Halo/Mass Effect

Assassin's Creed/Fallout


Call of Duty/Mass Effect

Uncharted/Star Wars (Which i suppose is kinda happening/Star Wars 1313)

Mass Effect/Star Wars

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Leon or Clair guest starring in the Left 4 Dead verse. Balrog in Fight Night. Shadow the Hedgehog meets Kenetica.

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Tekken vs Virtua Fighter.

Marvel vs. DC.

Final Fight/Streets of Rage.

Uncharted/Tomb Raider.

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Counter Strike 1.6's strategic FPS aspects on a FPS shooter game platform without any heavy, recognizable elements. Because I think heavy elements discourages new players to be interested in joining the game. I will always love the game. I grew up playing the game and I think it's a way better Shooter than COD.

We'd have more solid FPS game if Counter Strike was on a more comfortable theme. I think the market on hardcore shooters would be stronger. No disrespect to any other CS oldtimers, really.

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Resident Evil/Devil May Cry

Uncharted/Halo (Because then they'd have to put it on Xbox 360)

Saints Row/Red Dead Redemption