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Lots of folks have a list of tropes in tv shows, movies or comics they hate but I'd like to know what are tropes you personally actually like.

My personal favorite is the Surprise Badass, these are characters that seem like they should be useless in a fight. They could be old or scrawny or whatever but they appear to be the least likely to kick ass until they actually have to fight.

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guns > ninjas

Good guy always wins

Guy gets the girl

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The unppredictable one. ex. raven from Teen Titans.

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Nightmare Fuel - the scariest moments that happens in each TV show

Wham Episode - the episode that reveals a surprising moment for the character

Face-Heel Turn - whenever a character changes sides

Black Comedy - comedy that deals with dark subject matter like death

Crouching Moron: Hidden Badass - a character who acts like they can't do anything at first, but then later on can actually kick butt!