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I think they should make the death mask II and I think victim should be J. G. Quintel

Here the script ..

Jigsaw: hello J. G. Quintel you been creating very ugly shows and the thing on you is the death mask . They had banned your shows for disgusting images now you see them on you arm but there is a key in your arm so live or die make your choice

J. G. Quintel: oh no" tries to remove the cut with knife"

"Tries to remove the key but gave up instead and try again then got the key . Unlock the lock and remove the trap on him and times up"

J. G. Quintel: screams very loudly

Jigsaw: you did a very good job now they say you may no longer make any shows like that.

The end

So that my traps idea so it oblivious that I put that there

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I'd go for the 4D experience and cover the audience in sick when the movie beings :)

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@batmanx2005: I'd get a mod to move this to Off Topic, since it isnt fan fiction

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I really don't think there should be another Saw film.

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I really don't think there should be another Saw film.

There will always be another Saw Film...

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Killer Bees

Rabid Dogs

Starving Rats

Cant beat abit of wildlife to entertain the populus ;)

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I didn't even though there was a 7th Saw..they need to just let that series die.

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7 was so bad, no more.

3D is the worst trap ever.

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I'd like for them to stop making them, part 1 was the only one in the series that wasn't bad and the rest have ranged from mediocre to god awful

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What is the point wasn't the story wrapped up in a present in the final one. Uhh it's been awhile sense I watched the franchise because I watched all seven in one day lol. But that one guy gets put in the bathroom trap by the doctor that amputated himself in the very first film. Correct me if I'm wrong

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Saw 8 won't happen.

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Star Wars edition.

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Another Saw Film ? Didn't it end Good Enough with Saw 7 ?