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@maccyd: Time to change my pants I suppose

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zombies.. i always had a dream about them but when i run... something pulls me back and i run too slow

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I was incredibly afraid of the dark.

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Phanto from Super Mario Bros 2.

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I used to be scared of Pennywise the Clown from IT, I was little when I saw it. However, I never could sit through the whole thing as I got older though after watching Nostalgia Critic's review of it, I'm not sure I'd want to sit through the whole thing anyways.

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@swordmasterd: wow that was stupid.( hits your head with a metal pipe.)I just wish you have brain

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@juliedc: yeah oh by the way doug walker look like a type of person who would eat chocolate cover maggots for breakfast . because how creepy his smile and his angry face in the shining is but still I like him.

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To this day, I still can't play Ocarina of Time at night. As much as I love Ocarina of Time, I've been scared of it since I was little. The zombies popping out out the ground, how they try to 'hug' you as adult Link, going inside a whale's stomach, Kakariko's well and the Shadow Temple. I used to always be afraid that somebody would jump out of the ceiling of the Temple of Time so I'd always close my eyes while running in.

Yet, I was never scared of Majora's Mask. 0.o Never understood the dark tones of it til I was older.

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When I was a kid, the Crypt Keeper scared the crap outta me.

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The evil witch from the Wizard of Oz film scared me when I was little.

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Soap Sally (urban legend of an old woman that kidnaps children and makes them into soap. This was my parents version of the boogie man)

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Clowns, and the Joker.

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Hell.... still does :P

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@manchine: Lol, my mom tried to get me to watch the Blob for years but I refused.

I used to get freaked out by both Palpatine and the Rancor from Star Wars Episode 6.

I once cried at a friends birthday party because the clown arrived

I cried when I saw Violet Beauregade turn into a blueberry in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake

I was afraid of rabbit's for a while cause my sisters one bit me

Also, that bit in Sleeping Beauty when Aurora gets hypnotized by Maleficent and pricks her finger is still scary

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@batmanx2005: *you would have

Just saying if you're going to comment on my intelligence, use the correct grammar.

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Also were was stupidity induced in my comment?

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@nerdork: I connect with that, I had a fear of Mona Lisa...

Weird...i just got the PM notification today, from your response 6 days ago. lol

But, yeah, i always look back and think its strange that i was afraid of the Quaker Oats guy. At least the Mona Lisa has that guilty $h!! eating grin. Kinda makes you wonder what that crazy lass was up to.

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Dogs in real life, and joker from fiction.

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Wasps. Those damn bastards! I never got stung though.

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@the_stegman: Crypt Keeper STILL scares the crap out of me to this very day...

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Those dog zombies that came out of the ground in Ocarina of Time. Made me turn the game off. lol

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I wouldn't get deep in the water the summer for a loooooooooooong time after watching this.

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I have a real life phobia of syringes. Movies that scared the crap out of me as a kid, Killer Clowns from Outer Space and It.

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Pennyworth the clown

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Clowns, vampires, Anakin getting burned in ROTS, and the giant purple demon mask I legitimately hallucinated next to my bedroom door in the middle of the night

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Large Marge

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Insects, spiders and Ghostface from Scream used to creep the crap out of me, I also used to have dreams where I was being chased by serial killers ( their all from different horror movies) and then they end up killing me at the end of the dream, it was seriously creepy. I'm also kinda of scared of Chucky, Michael Myers and Freddy Kruegar, I'm also scared of Jeff the killer ( Who's picture seriously used to scare the HECK out of me). I also was scared of the ocean because I was afraid of drowning. The dark has always bothered me a bit also.

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The moon from that show with talking bananas

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@mitran said:

the hot wheels movie, where the woman was a robot

World Race/Acceleracers was the sh!t.

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1.) Will Ferrell

2.) Vegetales

3.) The Coneheads

4.) The old painting of the guy screaming

5.) Billy's nose from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

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This guy.

I hate The Electric Mayhem to this day.

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I was afraid of the dark, every ride at Disney except for it's a Small World (lol), the toilets at theme parks and anything mildly scary on tv. The thing that scared me more than anything else was the Grither from Tales from the Darkside. You could make me cry by saying his name (in the story, if you say his name, it makes him angry. So, each time you say it, his ears get bigger, and he's able to fly quicker from the North Pole. Dang it was cheesy).

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Zombies. I couldn't even look out a window at night without having a panic attack.

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Fear the ravenous furball puppets!

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Rats and eels from the princess bride.