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I saw that on news right now. Man, this guy is so f''''d!!!

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I wonder if he has other accomplices ?

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They got that S.O.B

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It just feels so surreal. I can't understand this -- at first I thought it was some drama-documentary then realized the Boston Marathon really was that day.

So many people came up with ideas -- radicals who were upset with Massachusetts legalization of same sex marriage to the obvious terrorist angle.

It's sad all around -- horrible and senseless and it makes me heartsick to learn these young men have taken the wrong turn and caused such devastation. One of their aunts live here in Toronto and is adamant her nephews are innocent - demanding proof -- clearly upset and perhaps in denial. As it stands now, these two have been involved in bomb making and weapon stock-piling and the further loss of life with the campus officer just adds to an ugly, ugly time in Boston history.

Just the idea of shutting down a metropolis of that size is stunning. How terrifying it must have been for everyone who lives there - Boston Strong, indeed.

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Before the Red Sox game commenced they obviously did a tribute to those that helped, those that were injured, and furthermore the people of Boston themselves. Not the best part in my opinion it was this (have to paraphrase because I don't remember it exactly) "We are not just a city united we are not just a country united we are a world of people that are all united in spirit." And later "Our hearts go out not just to the people in our city but to the people in Texas, and for the people in China who have suffered an earthquake" I freaking love my state.

Though this part is pretty great too, before the game they give the mic to Big Papi, his comment you ask? "This is our f##king city, nobody's gonna dictate our freedom." Live with no time to bleep.