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I want to hear what music do you listen when you read a comic book and do you have a specific music for a specific comic book

For me it's usually rock like acdc,foo fighter,rhcp etc or assassins creed ost,but if i am reading batman comic then obviously am listening to hans zimmerman ost from recent movies and arkham city ost,it fits perfect when i'm reading batman stories.

So do you have a soundtrack for reading comics and what is it?

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(Also, I tell everybody to shut up when I'm reading one.)

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None. I like total silence when I'm reading.

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None,I prefer quiet when I read.

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None. I lose focus very easily when I'm reading, so it's nothing but me, comics, and silence.

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None. I am usually in the living room and my girlfriend is normally watching tv. I don't like total silence but I still block it all out.