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What kinds of game do you like most?

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whatever the bioshock games are and hack n slash.

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I like shooting games / free-roam games such as Grand Theft Auto. I also like military games that involve a lot of missions like Battlefield.

I also like Pokemon games, too.

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Free roam RPG

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3rd person action with thematic narrative, et; Uncharted, the Last of Us, Metal Gear Solid, Heavy Rain (...you can tell which console I prefer).

And Pokemon! I hate 1st person shooters.

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Fighting games

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JRPG, RPG, Indie and Stealth. Though I play any genre as long as the game's decent.

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Shooters and RPGs, even better when they're combined.

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Shooters,JRPG,RPG,and driving games.

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Any game with a good plot tbh.

Assassin's Creed II (I am considering playing it again for the 9th or 10th time again)

Batman: Arkham City

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My tastes vary. But I suppose: action / adventure, RPG, and shooters.

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The one where I chase someone with an axe.

This isn't just counting video games right?

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  1. First-Person Shooters
  2. Third-Person Shooters
  3. Fighting
  4. Free-Roam RPG
  5. Indie
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Trivia games, checkers, Yahtzee. That's about it. Really don't care for games that much at all. Just not very competitive.

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The kind where I win...

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i used to love fighting games . but as i got older i ended up favoring rpgs (elder scrolls, fallout) and sandbox games (saints row 2, prototype). i even got into the lego games lol. once in awhile i'll play the hidden content in the call of duty games

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I absolutely love fighting games like street fighter, kof, and umvc3. I also love action adventure games like inFamous and AC, and love shooters like Bioshock.

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I'm all for variety. If a game from any genre interests me enough, I'll play it!

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RPG/Sandbox type games.

Skyrim, Final Fantasy, Fallout, Mass Effect, Infamous, Red Faction, Red Dead Redemption, Pokemon.

Games that allow you to do what you want, when you want. Allowing you to develop your character through personalizing skills/powers and interactions with characters. (Mass Effect, and Fallout go in depth with character interaction so much, and that's why I love them).

Also love grinding hours for exp.

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I'm one of the few people I know who doesn't like video games at all. But I'll play the hell outta Yugioh.

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MMORPGs. (Marvel Heroes currently.)
Hack + Slash.
Button mashing goodness. :D

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Open world games.

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Mostly medieval themed RPG's or medieval themed games in general. I mean you know Sci-Fi, future and modern are all nice but my favorites are those that embrace and just make use of things impossible be in a world where these impossibilities are complete fact I also like to see varying interpretations of already created designs be it the overused dragons to more creative adjustments an example would be elven culture. Since most fantasy games always put Elves as the nature loving tree huggers it's fresh to see different takes of the race, like the Dungeon faction in HoMMV or the alienage in the Dragon Age universe.

I just mention specifically RPG's because they often times offer the most depth and allow me to fit my character to my playstyle while feeling that sense of progress outside of main plotlines.

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Japanese RPGs, Bethesda and Bioware RPGs, third person action/adventure, survival horror and MGS-style stealth

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Platformers(3D and 2D), Hack and Slash games, and action adventure games.

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Strategy games.

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I'm all for variety. If a game from any genre interests me enough, I'll play it!

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Anything but realistic games. (if I wanted reality, I would just go outside.)

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Shooters go to the top. First and third.


Then fighters but I love the Need for Speed series.

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JRPGs are my favorite, followed by fighting and platformers