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What kind do you have?

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Is there a name for the hairstyle black men just usually leave their natural hair in?

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Mine's usually more of a crew cut type look...but then I tried a new barber last week...and presently it looks more like a bowl cut type look....

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I have the film Steve Rogers cut.

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Wavy, just past my shoulders, no bangs (or infinite bangs depending on how you look at it).

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I have dreadlocks that go down past my shoulders.

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I keep my hair short at all times, If I have to brush it, it's too long and I go to Supercuts to solve that problem.

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It's a lot like Doug Guggenheim from House of Lies. Don't know what it's called.

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Idk, something like this. Kind of like a messy faux hawk I guess?

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Short, with a bit of an undercut, so the top hangs over the right side a bit.

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High and tight. Your standard military cut I suppose. Our options are somewhat limited. I did try to get away with a Mohawk for awhile...but tend didn't go so well.

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Shaggy. About mid-neck right now and hanging down around my eyes. I desperately need to get it cut.

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I dunno, short?

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Mohawk, One down the sides, with orange highlights on the top.......

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I call it the "can't be bothered to go to the hairdressers yet" look

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mine is natural wavy with a curl on the bottom, and it is very long hanging over my butt, I usually side braid it.

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The wake up early in the morning but too lazy to comb it style.

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Like this.

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No idea what to call it..

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becasues as a black dude you get 4 choices





and maybe a mohawk

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I have a mohawk.

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Hey wtf!!!? This is suspiciously close to my thread lmao eh nobody cares

Wild and spidey hair (usually a fohawk or fade)

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Kind of like this. Don't know what it's called.