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they are currently 2 justice league unlimited intro mashups

so i want to know if you had good video editing skills what mashup would you make?

if i could do this i would make an intro of nickelodeon disney and cartoon network heroes uniting to form the justice league of the cartoon universe

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Nintendo Characters, in fact I still don't see why Nintendo won't make anymore shows. Being that Nintendo has some good characters, they could mash them all together in one huge show that brings them together. Would go like this really.. 
1. Link- Leader 
2. Mario
3. Yoshi 
4. Samus 
5. Captain Falcon 
6. Fox McCloud/Starfox- Co-leader
7. Donkey Kong 
8. Kirby
Reason why I put Link as leader, because he fights some huge threats that have threatened everything or the potential to do so anyway. Reason why I put Fox as co-leader because...well kinda obvious, he leads his own mercenary team.
But the enemies, could be Ganondorf, Bowser, Andross perhaps, etc etc make some new villains and all. Perhaps even the Master and Crazy Hands from Super Smash Bros series.

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The Noble Team one was perfect. Anyways, I'd like to see a Star Wars version.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

The Noble Team one was perfect. Anyways, I'd like to see a Star Wars version.

star wars has like tons of action scenes how would anyone be able to pic the ones that best fit?

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Mass Effect mashup.

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Funny, I found the pony-league-unlimited video on my own just lastnight. Wish I saw this thread earlier!

I'd make one for the Avengers, of course. Avengers Unlimited!

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Well of course there's a pony one, but I would have to say K.N.D (kids next door) just cause.