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I would like to be a writer

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Professional Voice actor

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When I was younger my dream was to go to college, educate myself, train hard, and when physically and mentally strong join the military and become a Special Operator. Years later I am living that dream, and loving it every day. It's hard, it's dirty, but it's rewarding and I know I help make the world better.

I wanted to find my counterpart, and low and behold I married a woman with as much martial arts training and as goal driven as myself.

Now I'm working on a fiction book I hope to get published.

I don't ever let people tell me something is too hard. If you work at something, you'll get there. The human spirit and force of will is the most powerful force on the planet when properly applied. Great thread topic, a life without goals is a life wasted in my opinion.

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Be acknowledge by the village, and become Hokage!!!

seriously though


Movies/TV shows preferably

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ooo whose voice? or just any charcter?