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Do you feel like you should have picked a different username? What name is your "ideal" username?

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Probably should have went with a different username than "Wolverine08". Kind of makes it hard for people to not call me a fanboy when I support Wolverine in a battle. Even when I back up my stance with feats.

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If I could do it over again, I would choose Starwarsrule2011 or Yu-Gi-Oh!rules2011......xD

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Joewell with a capital J or Dr.FannyPack

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...Should have added more "Doom"s

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I'd probably pick something like "ShellWing".

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Eh.. I was a huge Lobo fan when I made this username. I still love Lobo, don't get me wrong. But I turned into sort of a Conan fanboy a few months back. I kind of want my username to be something to do with Crom or something.

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Gaza Strip-per or Anne Frank-Enstein

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If I could've, it'd have been ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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My internet name has been Fallschirmjager whenever its been available. I've used it several forums, on social media accounts (mostly Youtube) on video game accounts, in MMOs such as WoW, Rift and TOR, and everything else you can or can't think of.

My grandpa was a paratrooper in the German army in the 50's and 60's and use to tell me stories as a kid. I loved the sound of the word Fallschirmjager (Fall-shurm-yay-grr), and its been my name on the internet since I was 10-12 or so.

Not changing it, ever. <3

Sometimes, I've even been a real asshole and used the proper ä in my name, which has made it a bitch on people trying to contact me LOL :D

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Ultrawoman or Omegawoman

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Featsdontmatter,flamewargeneral, DCisbetterthanmarvel, JB1D4Ever

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Nah, I like mine. It's a Walking Dead reference; they call Glenn "Walker Bait" in one episode, and some characters, including Glenn, refer to the zombies as "geeks".

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I tried to create an account during February but the site was going through some renovations or something. I had about a month to come up with my current name so I made sure I liked it, and I still do.

If I were to change it, I would try to make it a Transformers reference with Optimus or Shockwave.

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I love my name. It's random, to my knowledge non-comic related, and it gets everyone attention because it stands out.