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What would rather be?


Are Characters who can take an enormous amount of damage but suffer from slow movement and attack speed.

Glass Cannon

Are Characters who can deal tremendous damage but dies easily due to lack of defensive stats.


They have decent damage output but lacks defensive stats, they can avoid damage by making their enemies miss.


As the name says, this characters have range as their advantage but suffer if engaged in close quarter combat.


Characters that mainly used as support to the more offensive types. They often cannot go to quest on their own but invaluable to any party.

Which one is your favorite?

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@bruxae said:



I forgot those.

Thanks. :)

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I like "snipers" the most. But no party is complete without a healer and a tank.

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I have many times imagined how it would be with a ComicVine guild in a MMO. :p Its fun to imagine what class people would play judging from their personality.. Someone should totally make a thread for that.

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I'm always either a tank or a speedster. I love pumping up my regeneration or evasion so that I practically almost never take any damage at all. Aside from when playing shooting games, I've never developed my skills in taking advantage of ranged attacks..

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I'm a Blood Knight, I throw away defense and focus on Damage and Attack Speed. It's expensive to have this one because your gear must be top notch and you must have the best pots the game could offer.

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