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@higorm said:

@wolverine08 said:

Wow, I would have never guessed. I hope you're able to deal with it well, man.

Oh, well, I forgot to mention that I'm following a treatment based on specific remedies for some time now. I'm waaaay better from the first diagnosis. Still have a long way to ride though. You know, we got to deal with it for the rest of our lives..

Keep being strong soldier.

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@deathstrokergeist: I'm glad to hear that it's not just my iPad that crashes on this thread lol. It was working fine til I clicked in the link to this thread. Then everything was just downhill from there haha.

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@higorm said:

@kasumi_geist: yeah, as a diagnosed bipolar-disorder person, I can say that song made part of my life years ago..

btw, which album is that?

As someone who has been diagnosed with Tourette's, OCD, ADHD, GAD, (it's all under the same umbrella disorder. Aren't I lucky?) and a sleeping disorder since age 8, and who has been hospitalized for depression, anxiety, and extreme fits of psychosis...I'm right there with you man.

Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets


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Cash's cover of Hurt... Hard to top that.

There is one that is extremely personal to me, because the cirumstances around it, and how sudden it was...
Three Days Grace - Last to Know

She literally was my first true love. Everything was going so well. The only part that doesn't really apply is the last part of the song. Some things I'll never truly get over, and she didn't leave me for someone else. She left me because someone spent the entire first year they knew her badmouthing me and trying to convince her I wasn't any good, and finally succeeded.

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Has anyone said Stan by Eminem yet. Whew that song actually got an emotional response from me.

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@kasumi_geist: good to know we are not alone in the world right? :)

epic album title btw :P

@wolverine08: thanks mate! I'll do my best!

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I guess Laika by the Arcade Fire and 505 by the Arctic Monkeys.

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"Someone like you" by Adele.