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I saw some crap about Pre-retcon beyonder/molecule man.. So what is 'pre-retcon' what pwoers does it grant, and how did they gain the powers

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To retcon something is to rewrite history, or alter something in the continuity. Before they were retconned, Beyonder and Molecule Man we nearly omnipotent. The people at Marvel Comics figured it was a dumb idea, so they changed (or retconned) it. "Pre-retcon" just means before the change.

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Retcon is short for Retroactive Continuity. Comicbook fans usually use it when describing something that's been changed in terms of history, powers, relationships, vital story plots, etc. So depending on what the actual details of the Beyonder conversation you saw were, Pre-Retcon was most likely describing something that has since been changed/altered/erased. Somethings actually mentioned about it in his bio, Here

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Pre-retcon means before they changed his powers/bio. Post retcon means after they changed his power/bio.

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old ish from the new ish

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Retcon refers to when continuity is changed. Pre-retcon is before the change.

Current Beyonder was retconned, and is therefore not as strong as he was before the retcon. Pre-retcon refers to Beyonder before he was retconned.