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What's holding me back right now is my knee injury and drinking alot of soda. Also i cant make myself workout i am to lazy.

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I have procrastination issues. Like really bad, I'm not sure if its some psychological issue or not.

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Have to go with motivational issues, for some reason this semester in school has become very difficult because I can't seem to focus on homework while last semester I did great in school, idk why.

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My crippled social skills.

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I have to send money to my parents. They owe me 8 grand. I'm also very lazy

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Are "your mom" jokes allowed on this forum ?

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Women fear my abnormally large penis.

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Money....... cuz n***a im broke

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life is holding me back in life

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@sonic_jack: I used to be in really good shape until I injured my back two years ago. In that time I became very sluggish and maybe a little lazy. Also I was drinking way to much soda, and eating chips like crazy. Recently I began eating better, and working out again. I'm really feeling much more energetic and positive. I highly recommend you start as well. I'm almost 36 and if I can do it anyone can.

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For me its not being able to find the right flavor coffee

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@goobot said:

I have procrastination issues. Like really bad, I'm not sure if its some psychological issue or not.

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@rogueshadow said:

Women fear my abnormally large penis.


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Work ethic. Oh the things I could accomplish with a bit of motivation...

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Procrastination levels have reached maximum. Laziness levels too much. All because I'm addicted To CV

I've recently learnt about the 10,000 hours theory so I need time to work on that but I ain't nobody got time for dat. Seriously I need my time

Also fear of failing...

REALLY need to start working on my art again same with singing

Oh and I need to start revising random things (I really hate it almost a fear if you will when people approach or even surpass my intelligence levels)

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White people.

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Lack of giving a damn.

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Only you can hold your self back.

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Inability to muster enough confidence on occasion

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Anxiety, and can never seem to stick to one job. I'm always employed one minute then the next few months I'm an unemployed bum. Have a nice resume though on job experiences.

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Recent medical issues :(

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My family.

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Procrastination / laziness.

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Myself, quite possibly the city I live in, maybe even the country I live in.

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Crippling insecurity and anxiety, severe depression, general lack of relevant work experience and a loathing for school.

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Just me.

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This demon named Az-something. I call him Bob to piss him off.

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Nothing can hold you back except the excuses you make up. 99% of the time it just boils down to being lazy.

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White People.

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Well I just started my semester this week and I'm already winded. And I've still got one day left! Gah, I just want it to be over. First week is always the slowest!! But this is so me!

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My obsesstion with youtube