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I heard it about man doing something like bme pain Olympics or something. But I don't know if that's the right answer or not.

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Ehm, this kind of stuff isnt really appropriate on Comicvine.

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I am 12 years old. What is that ?

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Lol! Never even heard of it til now. xD

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Dont know what it is, but I'd guess it's about arts and crafts.

Am I right?

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Damn thats cringe-worthy.

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My...I don't....I-just, ugh. I'll drink too much, I'll damage something, I'll start a fight I definitely can't finish, hell I'll make the questionable decision on whether or not that skinny girl asking me to dance is a 6 foot Amazon, but I will NEVER HARM MY SACRED STONE AND SCEPTAR!!!!!!

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That must've been painful.

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Pfft, wuss. I used the little nail file thing attached to fingernail clippers to cut mine off. Come back and talk to me when you cut off your balls like a real ya man pantywaist.