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This is the first in a series of real history "What if...?" questions. The event in question here is the fall of the roman empire. So, what if Rome had never fallen? For whatever reason Rome never lost its influence, how would the world be different today?

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Sounds like a history paper =p. I'd like to post a response but I may need a minute to think it over.

I always enjoy your topics, Super Buster.

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Well I try ;)

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There are a few sci-fi stories that look at this. Can't really think of any titles though.

EDIT: Jonathan Hickman's Pax Romana is a comic about it, but it's more than just Rome surviving. There are other things involved.

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Do you think Pax Romana is an accurate portrayal? 

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Who says Rome has truly fallen?

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Seems that they traded military power for religious power.

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Alpha said:
"Seems that they traded military power for religious power. "
Hmm...interesting idea
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Alpha said:
"Who says Rome has truly fallen? "
Alpha said:
"Seems that they traded military power for religious power. "
The Vatican? The Vatican is not Rome. Anyways, I think you know what I am talking about, please don't mince words.
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Okay, I was about to create another one in this series but I realized that this one hasn't really been answered, here's my opinion.

If Rome never fell than that would mean that the barbaric, germanic tribes in the North would never gain any ground and would either be completely wiped out by Rome or boxed into a corner and forced to create their own nation there.In any case, most if not all of the European Nations that are here today would have never been formed, Europe would basically belong to Rome. If Rome never falls then its influence would continue to expand, perhaps all the way down Africa, perhaps easterly towards India and China. Around this time I believe China was actually pretty weak militarily so they might succumb to the Romans, but the Himalayas might get in their way. I think Rome's expansion towards Russia would be limited as I don't believe Romans are very well equipped to handle the harsh winters, they might eventually but by then the people in the Russian regions could possibly be too strong to conquer. So, in Europe we would basically have Rome and maybe a small contingent of other nations that resisted Roman rule, Africa would again have Rome as the dominant nation though there might be too much land to cover in order to rule the whole continent. In Asia its tougher to call but Rome might eventually find rivals in Russia, Mongolia, maybe not China, and maybe Japan. Now comes the new world, Rome has shown an affinity towards technology but with the advent of Christianity Rome might suffer a dark age just like Europe did, it might also suffer from civil wars if it allows the Islamic religion to emerge. However, eventually Rome would discover the ability to travel across the ocean but without the explorative zeal of Spain or much of a reason find a trade route to India since it owns everything from the British Isles to India. It might take a while for Rome to eventually discover that there are other continents but I don't think the Native Americans will ever be ready when Rome comes across the sea. And since Rome doesn't have any competition and a Republic, chances are that the U.S. of A. will never form. At this point there is really not much challenge against Rome but I doubt it will be able to conquer and maintain all of this land, I mean, it is only one nation and any ruling body is going to have trouble when it has this much to rule over. Eventually, inevitably every nation will fall in on itself, giving rise to a multitude of nation much like today yet very, very different. I have a feeling I'm not making sense anymore so I'll stop here for now.
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What if Ghandi Never his salt March and peaceful protest?

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That could be the next one.