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Here is what I would rather and like to see of Marvel Now: DD and his own deadly rogue gallery, include Bulls eye, and no lames! I want Moon Knight back without the schizophrenia/psychotic b.s. and his unique terrors of new villains and have them earn their stripes to stardom. Bring back Earth's Mightiest Heroes- The Avengers are: Captain America, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, any new (3) heroes/heroines; and (2) reservists to fill in the roster. But get rid of the spin offs and keep certain characters in certain books as mainstays. Once liked Beast as an Avenger back in the day, but then he was a Defender and just mucked it up. He is an X-Man that is where he belongs as well as Wolverine, and with the previous mucked up (Avengers vs. X-Men) I didn't care for the story nor concept. As for the X-Men titles, Uncanny, X-Men, X-Force, revamp X-Factor and create X-Academy to introduce new and more Mutants without mucking it up. I want to see Alpha Flight return, the original members and not the lames nor baggage of characters. And new, interesting villains not just unique to Canada, a world threat in Dr. Doom class. Would like more premiers of characters from different countries joining the Avengers on certain occasions. This is when you can be creative with Black Panther and make his nation an "urban" jungle of danger and internal threat. Sabra and Silver Sable can also be part of World Initiative. Improve upon SHIELD time for its own book! Doctor Strange as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme and only. Return the Fantastic Four and no more killing off main characters please! Not time for and no more death plots! Time for a new Captain Marvel (not Ms. Marvel taking up the mantle nor Genis-vell) but a true Kree and kinworthy of his legacy. And you can pair him up with the Silver Surfer, Quasar, and Nova what should had been done before. So many aliens and villains for not to tell cosmic stories that can become classics. Lastly, delete all the characters have in Limbo and alternate timelines, refresh, or leave deleted permanently.