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I think the one thing that really ticks me off is when someone is tailgating me....

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DC traffic can get pretty nuts at times.

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Cutting me off and then driving slow in front of me. WHY DID YOU CUT ME OFF? If you're gonna Cut Me Off at least keep driving fast.

II. People tailgating me on the slow lane and honking. That's how you get the bird.

III. Seeing people texting. Ya have any idea on the stats on how that's caused more accidents than D.U.I.'s now.


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Ughhh. Number one pet peeve is when people cut you off to pull out in front of you and there's nobody behind you. Were the three seconds really that important???

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Almost every thing...... I hate driving.... I hate drivers..... People don't know how to drive..... F-ing cell phones.... Don't get me started........ Truck Nuts!

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I hate when pedestrians make me run them over.

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Red Lights and Stop Signs.

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The happiest I was ever was when I gave up driving for 4 years........

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OH Trucks witH those ridiculous HIGH BEAMS. I speed up like a mile away and can still see a tiny star behind me.