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Poll: What Do Like More Audio Books Or Motion Comics? (4 votes)

Audio Books 75%
Motion Comics 25%

1.I love audio books except when they're licensed by for example DC and it's really good. Cause I'm all ready for a some type of art to go with it. But that's me and at the end of the day like Graphic Audio says "It's a movie in your mind". I'ts just some of these are so good it should be on DVD. So are good it's a shame I an't find Marvel cause they're great to actually read along with the real major events like the infinite Crisis or 52 books. They really add that much tot he story IMO. What's yours?


2. I'm not sure what a motion comic is anymore because a lot of motion comics are just audio books where they show the panels. And that one with for the Watchmen had guys voicing the female lead character. But I will say they have some great voices for fan made projects.

Well here's two good example's of both:


"Motion Comic"

Both are pretty good especially if you're a Batman fan like me but man if you count my vote I loved Dead White. That main villain is a bit Bane-esque but the tone and writing and language in the story is a great listen.

White Eyes even calls Batman a Jew Fa******. Assuming he's only rich cause he's a greedy Jew and then thinks he's a homosexual because of his costume.

You know Bats kicks his ass.

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I tried to listen to a Doctor Who audio book once, they are meant to be pretty good but it just wasn't for me.

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I loved audio books when I was younger.

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Ah, this thread reminds me of these:

Batman Book and Record #2004NScooby Doo Book And Record #1985N

Good times ^___^