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I thought Dick Grayson was the only robin

Spiderman's webs were natural

Dr. Doom sucked

There was only one Lantern Corps

There was only one Lantern

Silver Surfers powers came from his board


Batman knew every martial art ever

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Superman could see through women's clothing if he wanted to.

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I thought Hulk was the strongest, John Stewart was the only Green Lantern, and there was only one Robin.

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Spider-Man got his ass handed every moment.

Galactus eat planets in the "conventional" way.

The Hulk had no villains.

Professor X lost use of his legs as his powers continued to develop.

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idk , ive been introduced into comics at a very young age. my godmother started me off with uncanny x-men (first class against sauron!) , cap meets the punisher , namor's first encounter with headhunter,lots of spider-man comics which included various appearnces by venom, the australian x-men team (led by storm ,you had : havok, colossus , psylocke , dazzler, rogue, longshot, and wolverine) going agaisnt a alien invasion , and my mom got me the action figures when they first came out , wolverine, apocalypse, cyclops, and grizzly (i used him as sabretooth substitue) and got me the prologue to the onslaught saga : who stopped the juggernaut ,

by then the x-men show was on the air 3 years and spider-man just started for saturday mornings and sunday u had iron man ,ff, and hulk , so i also got those toys : venom where u can remove his head to show eddie brock's face , iron man in his centurion armor , hulk where you fit a tiny banner figure in his back , and my brother had ss and human torch (he also had a identical wolverine , juggernaut, & gambit )

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I thought Spider-Man wasn't that strong, Daredevil could see, Professor X became crippled as a result of his mutation, I thought there was only two Robins, Batman could beat anyone with enough prep time, Superman only had Lex Luthor as a villain, and he was the only Kryptonian, Galactus actually ate planets, Hulk was the strongest one there is.

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I thought there was one robin, thought batman killed,thought cyclop's eyes were normal and and his glasses shot the lasers.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

I thought Hulk was the strongest, John Stewart was the only Green Lantern, and there was only one Robin.

some guy with a brain of an ape says he is the strongest refering to himself with third person and you believed him? :D