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Pretty much what the question asks. And please say which social networking sites you dislike.

1 and 2. Facebook and Youtube.

3. Google +.

Please list more if you'd like.

And I don't like Vine. It's pointless. I mean you already have Youtube right?

And currently I'm debating whether I should use Tumblr or not. >.>


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I only use Facebook. I don't understand Tumblr, and Twitter should only be for celebrities.

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I only use Facebook. I don't understand Tumblr,cans Twitter should only be for celebrities.

Ahhh. Lol. I think like you. Thanks for the post.


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Anyone else?


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comic vine

comic vine

comic vine


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I only use Facebook. Don't have an account on youtube although I do watch vids on it but that probably doesn't count. So unless Comicvine counts then just FB.

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Twitter is the only social networking site I use on a regular basis. I have a Facebook and Instagram but I hardly use them. Instagram, to me, was always stupid. Just endless post of food, 'inspirational' hipster tumblr edits, and filtered pictures girls looking for some validation of their attractiveness. As for Facebook, I used it for a while but it just got so annoying. Everyday all I would get endless invites to stupid games, or see ridiculous Facebook fights or sob stories. And, people just seemed to brag more about their lives on it too. Twitter, on the other hand, is short, sweet, simple and to the point. Easy social networking and I think it's gonna kill off Facebook in a few more years.

Oh and I have a Vine. Its just fun.

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Facebook, Comic Vine, and a tie between Youtube and Twitter.

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This is the only site I socialize on. I only have a Facebook account for entering contests.

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Vine fb n youtube

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ComicVine obviously...

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ComicVine is my social networking site.

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comic vine


comic vine

facebook :/

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ComicVine, Twitter and YouTube.

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Comic Vine, YouTube and I don't have a third one.

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Lets see

1) Facebook

2) Comic Vine

3) HCRealms

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Facebook, Comic Vine, and YouTube.

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None except Comic Vine. I gave up on others.

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1. None

2. None

3. None

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CV and facebook. Don't have twitter and have no interest in getting it.

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I have a Facebook, but I rarely use it.

I'll join Twitter after I'm famous.

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MySpace I'm bringing it back B)

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Tumblr, twitter and I don't really have a third one tbh.

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I haven't used Facebook for over a year. I pretty much only post here and on battlelog (Bf3)

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Comic Vine


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the vine. youtube is a cesspool, not a social site.

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CV is the only place I really socialise online.

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I've never been on Face Book. I'm old ok? I wouldn't know where to start with twitter. What is Tumblr? I did say i was old right? I watch You-Tube once in a while, but do not have an account. I have a G-Mail account, but haven't used it yet. Yahoo, is my main e-mail. I argue a lot with idiots, who make ridiculous statements on Yahoo News. Though i would not consider them in my top 3 social sites. Let me see now... I guess i would have to go with these:

1. Rapture Ready- a christian discussion board. I don't like the churches in my area, so they are my current church.

2. Comic Vine. I love comic books, and love discussing comic book characters.

3. SYFY Forums. To discuss science fiction, horror, and fantasy programming. Though the SYFY Channel stinks, they discuss series on other networks.

4. Honorable Mention goes to Bioware Social Forums. I don't go there much anymore. Though once it was where i went the most. But a few recent bad games, had me lose interest that was replaced by Comic Vine, when i found this site.

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and that is it, I used to go to TGWTG, but I wish to keep my distance from that community.