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I seriously think he should drop out of the race after this one. The sad thing is that there are definitely people who would still vote for him.

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LOL....that pea brain

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"The third one...I can't, The third one I can't...Oops" lol

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@cattlebattle said:
LOL....that pea brain
heh heh... pea brain. 
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It's almost too painful to watch. I say "almost" because then I remember Perry is the nutter who got a stadium full of people to pray America's problems away.

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@ReplicaRex: I so wish it was option 3.

Anyone willing to troll his critics on national t.v. would deserve serious props. I'd go so far as to say anyone willing to do that should be president. Just for the shits and giggles you know it would bring :p

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@ReplicaRex: He so dumb that even if he knew he'd forget and so troll-ish that even if he remembered he'd want to piss you off anyway.

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Sadly nobody will notice except the media. His supporters don't use logic when voting for people like him they use emotion. He might lose a few progressive Repubs if he has any.

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@ReplicaRex: Impossible. We already know Cain is the biggest troll in existence.

Seriously, brain freezes can happen to anyone, and alone i don't think that would make me completely disregard him. However he has shown his ignorance and incompetence in many other ways, and this was just the nail on the coffin.

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Now if only the rest of the republican party can drop out.

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@I'maDC/ImageGuy! said:


Now if only the rest of the republican party can drop out.


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LOL, idiot.

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omg we got a person who doesn't know what he wants. the best he could do is start a war and forget why he did it ,what the name of the war is ,and um oh man i forgot the third one oops.

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He's more of a comedian than a politician.
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In other news, the cast of SNL tore him apart in a reenactment of his epic fail


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The funny thing is that he can't really get away with stuff that he says because of Ron Paul. As they are both from Texas.  
Perry: I did this for Texans! 
Ron Paul: No you didn't! 
Perry: Shut up old man...