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Have you ever seen a bad movie/tv series, read a bad book/comic or played a bad game and thought "This actually sounded like a good idea, too bad they didn't know how to use it". Well, this is the thread for those ideas, creative ideas with potential that was never achieved for the incomptence of its creators and/or other factors.

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Two movies that come to mind are Kick Ass and The Last Airbender. Super is everything Kick Ass should've been, and don't get me started on TLA...

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Equilibrium was a pretty ok movie. I don't know why the idea went to waste.

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jeez where do I start....

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Twilight-Love Triangle= ..........oh wait, it'd still be sh*t.

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The Hunger Games is one. The premise and setting are cool enough but ruined by the tacked on romantic subplot that seem to overtake later books if any indications are given.

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The movie 9 i thought had great potential that was wasted

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@CaioTrubat said:

The Hunger Games is one. The premise and setting are cool enough but ruined by the tacked on romantic subplot that seem to overtake later books if any indications are given.

I agree, I especially liked the whole celebrity thing they put before the Hunger games began, that was creative. Otherwise, yeah the romantic subplot really dragged the rest of the movie down

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Believe it or not, Scary Movie 3 had a very interesting idea that the Ring movie didn't: the tape is actually transmitted in national television, exposing several people at once to Samara. Hell, the one reason why the aliens are on Earth to stop her its because they watched a broadcast of the tape. It would be epic to see if Samara would be able to kill several people at once through TV or they would have stop her.

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RE: ORC. It had a lot of potential and an interesting concept. But the execution was just.. bad. Similar problem with ME3. Very high potential, average execution.

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wolverine origins(big fan , so this was painful to watch), kick-ass, any fighting game turned movie , green lantern (same as wolverine), and believe it or not captain america . i felt it couldve been a lot better

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All Batman movies made before Christopher Nolan.

Superman Returns.

Supergirl movie.

Green Lantern movie.

Both Fantastic Four movies.

Thor movie (it had some issues, come on, you know it to be true.)

Dragonball Evolution (actually, that movie should never have been made. I couldn't even bring myself to watch it all, I just skipped through it.)

Any and everything to do with and after Dragonball GT.

Anything related to Naruto should be utterly destroyed along with the fans that think he's greater than God.

Batman: The Dark Knight, the comic book series currently being published by DC.

Rob Liefeld.

More to come later, promise.

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The Dark Tower series. Every year it's not made into a TV series is just another year I cannot understand. I know it's delayed because it's a massive project, but it has to be made. The fans know it.

The insane feats Roland has, makes me really want to pit him in Battles, and with a TV series/Movie series, its notoriety won't be an issue.

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Green Lantern movie.

Daredevil movie.

Both Fantastic Four movies.

The Amazing Spider-man movie.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2