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@comic_book_fan: Magic was clearly not in his prime, the dude had HIV and retired.

Isaiah and the Piston's owned Jordan, plus he was not in his prime during the 90's either.

Barkley, okay.

Clyde is overrated.

And yet they only went to the finals twice iirc.

The 80's and 00's both had better talent. Magic, Bird, Duncan, KG, Kidd, Kobe, Shaq, LeBron,

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His era was a bit overrated but he wasn't.

@xanni15 said:

Absolutely. Jordan played in a watered down era and caught all of his opponents out of their primes for the most part.


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So is this thread about sport? Been wondering what this thread was about. Okay then I will scuttle back out of it now.

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No.. there were a lot of really talents teams, and Jordan didn't start winning until he was surrounded by some good talent. Granted there wasn't anyone near his level, but every team played physical defense back then, not like today.