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I'm running a superhero game called Dawn of the New Age where some time ago two power suited lunatics fought each other and the resulting clash caused radiation throughout the world causing mutants and various other things to occur. So in the jolly old age of next Tuesday, we're dealing with the same ol' same ol', but with more property damage and lawsuits over names.

Actual Topic:

What I'd want to know is if anyone would want to make any NPC's for me. I have about twenty villains and ten heroes. Most of them are parodies of actual Marvel/DC characters with the excuse that they read them growing up and before the mutantcy. Because of popular demand by my players I also have one parody of the Japanese market, Pyscho Ranger, who is just a power ranger. So with that being the grounds really, would anyone like to throw up a character or a story for a character or just a power that some one should have?

Also note that I don't know if this should be in Off Topic or Fan Fic because of the nature of me asking people for their own ideas.

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This sounds very intriguing! Sadly I dont have much time right now, if I get some ill come back to this but no promises, good luck!

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@Mastercodex: Wait your making a video game? like a real one?

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@joewell: It's a table top game. I actually have the resources to make a video game, but that would take a while.

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@Mastercodex: Ok, well i come back with an idea in a sec, i got billions

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@joewell: Neat, I look forward to them. Should I list what I have right now or would that not be necessary?

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@Mastercodex: Yeah, it would be nice to see what you already got

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@joewell said:

@Mastercodex: Yeah, it would be nice to see what you already got

Here are the important NPCs so far

  • Genesis: The First Hero, has a suit that's powered off of life energy
  • Apocalypse: The First Villain, has a suit that's powered off of some sort of thing we can't figure out.
  • Hertz: Sound waves, apparently doesn't like to talk a lot as he can't control his sound powers.
  • Shocker: Guess
  • Rust: Acid secretions
  • Pyro: No really, guess
  • The Conqueror: Goes around killing mutants for sport. He is a tech based villain, amazingly doesn't have super strength, but is inhumanely strong.
  • Ikao: Brainwashed by The Conqueror, he ages everything he touches and everything that touches him almost immediately
  • Toxin: Parody of Venom
  • Torture: Parody of Carnage
  • The Undying Flame: Parody of the Living Laser
  • The Jack of Diamonds: Basically is Deadshot
  • Stitches: What happens when the Joker becomes a living doll.
  • The Puppeteer: He's a parody ragdoll, but has fake versions of him under his control.
  • Psycho Ranger: Power Rangers meets annoying Otaku with money to spend
  • Archamon: Is a parody of Vandal Savage
  • Miss Fortune: Is basically Jinx
  • Mr. E: It's a mystery really, but he's the leader of the last nine mentioned
  • The Iron Will: The only member of Americas official Mutant Team. Ironically enough he isn't a mutant, just a guy with a really bad iron man suit.
  • And now for the players we have(Some haven't decided on alternate identities yet):
  • Green: Plant Control and limited animal shape shifting
  • Gestro: Can change the state of matter of objects
  • Henry Hoffman: Has a pair of Houdini's now magically charged gloves. They can cast cheap magic tricks and raise barriers
  • Jack Travis: A human with a lot of sword training
  • James: Super Strength and limited absorption
  • The Host: Nanites in his blood provide regeneration and heat bursts
  • Tyler Dunnings: Is discovering the joys of Psychokinesis
  • Meltdown: Our only Tech based hero
  • Andres: Can summon demons with his gauntlet
  • Blake: Is learning super speed
  • Miskato: Can make portals that lead to each other
  • Veksler: Can Shrink and Grow things
  • Push: Has a limited Gravity control

Note: Some of those players are heroes and some are villains so they actually end up fighting each other and will play separately on the same map to do different things etc. Think league of doom vs the Justice League.

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@Mastercodex: Whoa, nice

ok here's some ideas

Shadow: Darkness manipulation

Devolution: Can turn things back into their original form

Blood: Blood control

Hypno: Can hypnotize people

Pixi: Shrinking and girly magic

Absorption: Can absorb all types of energy and redirect it

Exterminator: No powers but has an arranges of poisons and gases as weapons

Well thats all i got right now, like them?

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I'll give it a go...

How about a mutant hero called Blindside?

I was just thinking of that film with Rutger Hauer about the blind ex-soldier turned wandering ninja, Blind Fury, so... he would be a bit like that crossed with Daredevil. A blind ex-soldier turned wandering ninja.

"When US Marine Staff Sergeant Ray Rogers (cack name I know) is blinded out in New Mexico in a weapons testing facility working on nuclear weapons, he doesn't tell anybody that he has developed the uncanny second-sight that is similar to sonar. He can sense anything by all frequencies of sound and from a long distance within a wide 360 degree radius. Being left without a job but with a considerable payoff, Rogers decides not to let life get him down and meets his new disability with a challenge and seeks a martial arts master to teach him the ways of ninjitsu.

But when snooping investigators offering evidence for a substantial fee unwittingly hand over the goods to the shadow government looking to crack down on all mutants, he finds himself shut down and on the run - his bank account frozen, his home destroyed and his own townsfolk turned against him. The black ops team sent after him come in on the offensive but Rogers fends them off with his newly acquired skills and abilities. But what he soon discovers is that a second mutation has occurred and one that allows his body to steal and immediately adapt to the fighting techniques of all his opponents.

If somebody were to fight him with ten years of any martial arts skills and experience, his body has a kind of memory ability that adapts that skill into his existing mental and physical agility. This makes him not untouchable or unstoppable but very hard to outwit toe to toe and especially since his primary weapon is a katana sword.

Rogers desperately heads out of New mexico and into the north, chased by the shadow government that wants the secrets to his abilities and yet won't see him get out alive once they are done with him. But rather than seek a secret identity, Rogers takes up the name Blindside - a parting acceptance of how the military ruined his life and tried to secretly rob him of it - and remains forever on the move, aiding people wherever he goes for favours that will keep him alive!"

Blindside could sometimes be considered a soldier or fortune if you consider the A-Team mercenaries, yet he is more a soldier of necessity. When he is not fighting evil bastards or other mutants, he is seeking out martial arts masters to train with and running from the military!

Hope you find this useful

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@dtm1980: I'm sure I'll use this, I like the story and it adds a nice story for the guys to follow with

@joewell:I like the Exterminator and Absorption Redirection will probably be used too o3o

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Sorry about the double post, but I'm letting you know that I used Blindside in the game and the players found you very Daredevil meets The Hulk. When I told them someone else made him they asked who did and I told them you did. Whether or not any of them actually join ComicVine to say 'neat' or 'cool' to you is anyones guess.

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@Mastercodex: Wasn't there already a Psycho Ranger?

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: By what means?

There are not any Psycho Rangers in comics that I can find

That is the general name given to the opposite 'clone' rangers of the power rangers.

Psycho Ranger is a guy with a power suit designed to Super Sentai Standards

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@Mastercodex: Hey....whats a table top game?

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@Mastercodex: I'm talking about the Power Rangers series there were already Psycho Rangers.

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Perhaps I could help.

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Which do you want more? Heroes or villains? Can I make an anti-hero?

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@joewell: Traditionally, it's a game played on a table top. For more on this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabletop_game

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Yes, those existed.

@deadpoolrules: I fear what deadpool like character will be made

: you can make the character as you see fit.