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Whenever somebody IRL talks about Vines (those lil' 7 second long videos) I assume they're talking about Comic Vine and get all excited. But then my hopes are shattered...

Comic Vine>=Grape vines>>>other vines.

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I just heard about vines on espn radio. I thought like you they were talking about comicvine but then they said something about video and other stuff and I was like ):

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I prefer vine rather than comic vine.

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Hehe! xD I concur. =D There's no place like The Vine! ^__^ That's what I usually refer CV to. =O

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and when people say vice, do you think miami vice or ... the other one?

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Comic Vine > Vine.

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Haha, yeah my ears always prick up when I hear 'Vine'

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WHenever MetH sees the letters "Vine" He assumes it is about ComicVine but wHen He Hears tHe word "Vine" He tHinks of the 10 second videos.


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Well, legends tell of an ancient power that created the vines on different planets. It supposedly manifests itself as the original Comic Vine, but experts tend to disagree on lore. Only the Staff and sometimes the Moderators ever hear the Comic Vine speak, and that rarely happens from what I heard. Chances are, the Comic Vine is no greater than any other Vine.

Sources: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/gen-discussion-1/comicvine-lore-1463521/

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Yeah whenever someone says "vine" I'm like "Comic Vine"? And they just look at me and say "What's Comic Vine"?


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Whenever there's a battle discussion at somewhere else between 2 characters from different franchises, I want to see Comic Vine being mentioned.

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Comic Vine is obviously superior. However, some of the users on Vine are pretty funny. Personal favorite is BatDad.