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Tron 2 Trailer....

subtitle: Can i please have a change of shorts?

ok, now this video is stupidly hard to find... seriously...

originally it was here... but in the 10 minutes it took me to recover from seeing it, the trailer had been removed by the SDCC people...

so, i've found another copy here but can't embed from their source... so go and watch because it looks f**king amazing!!!


The Tron 2 aka Tr2n trailer is online (still), filmed from Comic-Con, and even though it's small and crooked, and at times missing some of the picture, it already looks fabulous. Count me in, a once disbeliever in this film has suddenly had his head turned. Just have a look at this trailer to see.

The graphics look heavily updated, but it's great that they haven't updated the feel of it, and they really could have. The CGI could have been totally over the top, but this trailer looks rather cool.

It's a tiny bootleg video, but I don't care. You can see that the 3D looks amazing, the new lightcycles are stunning (and move like real bikes), the world and the whole mood is Batman-like dark. And Jeff Bridges... well, he is Jeff Bridges. What can I say, he looks like a badass version of the Dude. "It's just a game!" he shouts. No, it's not. It's Tr2n. At last. Note: excuse the excitement, but I saw the original in the movie theater, and 200 times after that. With War Games, it's what got me into technology when I was a kid, and ultimately here at Giz. The only thing that has me worried is that the characters are in the computer world are fully 3D. The good news: George Lucas is not involved in this one, but rumor is that Pixar may be.

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That was kind of trippy lol

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Tron really?

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Holy Crap  !  Wow.. thats awesome... we need more TRON  !
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yeah... i was staring at my monitor for 10 minutes going "what..." lol


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I blame Kingdom Hearts

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"Hey, It's just a game!"

"Not anymore."


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Nobody said:
"I blame Kingdom Hearts

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From what you can see It looks f*cking awesome

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Ah bawls, the video was crap quality...but I don't care. Tron was awesome and any movie that follows in its footsteps had better be awesome as well. Although typically it will be a total failure. :(

Nevertheless, I look forward to its release.

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i loled

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that does look good

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Thats Simply Awesome
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2010 is gonna be another huge Blockbuster Movie year... I expect Tron Legacy and Iron Man 2 to simply dominate
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Here we go... the full trailer in HD....
oh dear god, someone pass me a change of underware...

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tron legacy a blueray that i must own lol

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I remember playing Tron...... in Kingdom Hearts II.
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ill add this to my 2010 theatre list ^_^  
but technically speaking isnt the tron video game the sequel and legacy the trillogy?
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