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This thread could be seen as similar to the "Unpopular opinions" thread, but I figure I'd start it anyway because I think we can all agree that there are things that are popular in this World that we'll never understand.

Harry Potter - I don't hate the Harry Potter series. I actually quite enjoyed reading the books when I was a kid before the movies came out. But c'mon, can you really tell me that you can tell any of those damn movies apart from one another? You really only need to see the first Harry Potter film to see the rest. And they're so boring, too. Even the final climactic scene with Voldemort had little suspense. I don't hate the series, but it's an all around "meh" for me.

Lil Wayne - People seriously find this guy talented. And i've never understood it. I mean, does he really need to be as popular as he is? I mean, I just can't get on board with anything this guy does or says, I'm sorry but honestly if this were a different era, Lil Wayne wouldn't even have a chance at having a career.

Big Bang Theory - this. show. sucks. There's nothing funny, witty, or intelligent about it, despite what EVERYONE IN THE DAMN WORLD thinks. I mean, people always say that there are not many geekcentric shows on TV, but the few that are out there are better then TBBT by MILES. Futurama comes to mind. Such a brilliant, well written show and no one ever seems to point that out? Also, there's "The IT Crowd", sort of similar to TBBT, but it's seriously way funnier.

Two and a Half Men - Can't stand this show, either. Maybe Chuck Lorre did something to piss me off in a different life or something, but are they really bringing back Two and a Half Men for a 240605th season, even after the kid left so now the only remaining cast member is the guy who the audience wasn't supposed to care about anyways? SMH

What are yours?

And to the people who like any of these things, don't take this personally. You may not agree with me, but there are things that I love that you probably hate and have a good reason for. I'm not trying to offend anyone here, so I just wanted to make that clear.

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Things I love/hate fluctuate. There was a time I loved Peanut Butter, then I hated it, then I loved it, and I hate it again now. When I hate a food, just thinking about them is nauseatic. I could love this particular food yesterday and depending on a mood I have when I wake up, I start hating that food. The same goes to people. I may just out of random wake up to a bad mood and hat this one guy out of nowhere, sometimes for the rest of the day. I may start loving something I hated yesterday, like listening to particular kind of music or song.... I am unpredictable to say the least!

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  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Breaking Bad
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Harry Potter movies
  • Rap & Hip Hop
  • Michael Bay
  • Carrie Heffernan
  • Debra Barones
  • Arthur Spooner
  • Noise

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A bit of a rant below.

People who would mix food or drinks into weird combinations and offer it to you like it's some kind of 'experience'. Or they'd order weird food product, not really any healthier than the normal kind, full box of it, and you're stuck with it for the next month or so. It gets a little annoying when it's someone near you.

It's like they're trying to find a cure for cancer by attacking everyone's immune system, looking to set off an allergic reaction, or they're testing your limit.

Seriously, how does canned bamboo+tuna sound? No, it's not healthier than a regular can of tuna either if that's what you're thinking. Because for some reason it's really greasy.

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Harry Potter


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Not into the whole Zombie thing or really horror in general. I'm not a fan of watching people being killed at all really. So really I could expand that into the disaster movies and pretty much any form of entertainment where innocent people die.

I'm cool with watching Rambo put a few hundred rounds into a bad guy but I figure he's got it coming. Even then if the killing is too graphic then I don't want to see it.

Call me old fashioned but I like hokey, predictable heroic movies from the 80's and 90's


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@deadite said:
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Breaking Bad
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Harry Potter movies
  • Rap & Hip Hop
  • Michael Bay
  • Carrie Heffernan
  • Debra Barones
  • Arthur Spooner
  • Noise

Nobody likes Michael Bay.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Lil wayne

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I dont hate Batman but he's not my fav

Dc Big Five(Fav) in my opinion


2-Captain Marvel/Superman

3-Green Arrow/Batman

4-Hal Jordan/Aquaman

5-Wonder Woman


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Superior Spider-man - I just don't get it, it's not just about ock taking over peters body, it's the fact that slott has to go around and destroy every aspect of peter parker just make make Otto seem cool and edgy.

Thunderbolts series- This isn't referring to the previous ones, I'm actually talking about the current series. Everyone seems to love Soule and while i do admit that he is a good writer, the series is still complete and Utter garbage. they F*cking ruined the leader.

Sin City ( movie) - Didn't Hate it, but didn't like it either.

Jonathan Hickman- Jesus Christ is this guy adored by everyone. Hickman this, hickman that. He's not a good writer, the characters have zero interaction with each other and they feel like props. Hell i'd take thunderbolts over his series, because at least there these character interact.

Avengers Arena- it upsets me how many people like this. I've been called out as a troll on CBR just because I stated how much I hated this series, as If can't contribute my opinion. One guy keep resisting that I'm a troll even though i've invited him to a calm talk. Each time he either ignores me or just says again how I'm a troll. Worst part is that Avengers arena is bad, because it breaks down teenage heroes. they have faced death before, only not it's different and they turn on each other. Ugh...

Dancing- f*ck dancing.

that's all fer now.

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The Big Bang Theory.


Country music.

Anything on the "Pop" music station.



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Felicity Smoak; her fans are awful and seem to really need to put down every other female character to venerate theirs. She's honestly nothing more than a repeat of Chloe Sullivan. A fan favourite but doesn't actually have much substance.

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Cheeseburgers. Seriously, the cheese ruins it.

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Batman & American football. <--- stupid, pointless and not even mildly entertai- **falls asleep talking about them**

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@raiiyn said:

Batman & American football. <--- stupid, pointless and not even mildly entertai- **falls asleep talking about them**

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  • Milk
  • Peanut Butter
  • Rap/Hip Hop
  • Reality TV
  • Texting
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The Kardashians



Big black hipster glasses

Skinny jeans

Saggy pants that hang down to the knees


Watching Sportscenter or ESPN aaaaalllllll the time

Pop music for the most part



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I didn't get served! Do you know who the hell I am?

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Leonardo decaprio


Marvel hardcore fans

Tim Burton

Quintin tarantino

Transformers after a while

Pirates of the Caribbean

Ghost rider character

Nicholas cage

Tobey maguire

Iron man 3

Big bang theory



Miley Cyrus

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@awesam said:

Cheeseburgers. Seriously, the cheese ruins it.

I applaud you good sir.

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I love how most of the stuff being posted is actually hated by a very large group of people lol.

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All Sports In General


Tim Burton


Whinny Teenage Drama's

Modern Mainstream Rap

Most Rock Artist

Call Of Duty MW2-Ghost


Annoying and Cliche Anime

Crabs With Shrimp (they don't compliment each other at all)

Taylor Swift

Zatana (She's Meh)

Rei ( Evangelion )


and last but not least.....IGNORANCE

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Hate is a strong word, but I don't really like Breaking Bad.

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Modern pop songs

Call of Duty

Adventure Time (I don't truly hate it, but it never connected with me. I prefer Regular Show)

The Dark Knight Returns

Megan Fox

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one of the things I hate about being Canadian is our appreciation for Hockey. I hate Hockey, never played it and think it's just a bunch of ugly guys slamming into eachother on Ice, and yet people in Canada become hypnotized each year into devoting hours and hours of their time into watching these idiotic games.

I swear, the only reason to watch pro Sports is to get drunk while you're watching. If you're sober and watching Hockey, it's boring as hell.

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Alcohol is the only thing I really hate that seems to be universally beloved.

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Chinese food

First person shooters

Making fun of celebrities

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i hate sports. i can never get into football, soccer, basketball golf, or hockey.

xbox. i'm playstation person only.

taco bell.


The movies Alien trilogy, but Everybody else loves them.

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Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avengers.

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Meat, processed foods & other junk foods.

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@powerherc: I so agree Herc! About the Reality TV, Milk and Texting. It's like a teenager who calls instead of texts is Satan or something. Love peanut butter though, you heathen!



American Football


Country music

Dragonball Z (not hate, just dislike)

Live action


Shopping for anything

Things that are not in alphabetical order

Tim Burton

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Game of thrones


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Batman : Arkham Origins... it's like the same sh!t all over again.

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Naughty Dog


One Piece

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@cuddlebear said:



@kriminal said:



People who thinks it makes sense that Batman, with prep, can actually take on Superman using hand to hand combat.

The kind of prep he would have to go through would make HtH combat a very stupid choice, and the kind of choice that work to gain nothing but cinematic brain-damaging glory.

People who thinks it'd be cool to see Batman bitchslap Superman in Man of Steel's sequel.

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Myself, at times.

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Any Batman comic.

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I don't hate or don't like, but sometimes makes me want to.

The Lion King Fandom: They treat it like it's the best thing in the whole world and if you say one bad little thing about it. They all begin to bash you like crazy. I mean one time I told a bunch of them I like Shrek better and they began bashing me. They're one of the worst fandom's without a doubt.

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I'm just going to focus on comic related stuff because this will be way too long if I focused on everything I hate that everyone else loves.

So to begin, anything written by Grant Morrison. I just don't like his writing style and find that I am bored when I read any of his works. I hate Damian Wayne as well as the rest of the al-Ghuls immensely. I hate New 52. I don't really care for the Nolan Bat-films (its more indifference than outright hatred). I hate all of Marvel's villains and not in a "love to hate" kind of way either. And I hate A Death in the Family because I can't respect a writer that admits to writing a character horribly simply because he didn't like the character (and clearly didn't understand the purpose of the character either). That is inexcusable in my book.

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All Star Superman and just Superman in general. Now, I don't "hate" the two, I just can't get into them.

Grant Morrison. Same deal, I don't hate him. I do find his work vastly overrated, though. Just MO.

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The Last of Us...

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-inch deep music. Most of The music on the radio consists of "I have a ton of sex, I have a gun, I used to sell or am currently doing drugs, I don't live dese hoez, you're not as good as me, I didn't require help from anyone as far as getting where I am today"

And that sickens me. Music is supposed to speak to the soul..today's garbage can barely speak

-Lord of the Rings. Haven't made it past 30 minutes in the first film and I dare not read the books.

-the avengers and the MCU in general. I just don't like them. I dot like how they portray the characters

-Scott snyder's batman. I read it. And I haven't been blown away by anything. No real detective work has been shown, his martial arts skill hasn't been truly displayed, joker was just a freaky weirdo who thought he and batman were in love, Snyder has kinda made every other batman villain fodder in his first two arcs, and his origin so far hasn't been anything remarkable.

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@extremis said:

All Star Superman and just Superman in general. Now, I don't "hate" the two, I just can't get into them.

Grant Morrison. Same deal, I don't hate him. I do find his work vastly overrated, though. Just MO.

I knew somebody was going to say Grant Morrison, I was just waiting for it.