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The idea of this thread has been on my mind for a while. I was just on Youtube seeing the intros for shows that I loved watching when I was a child and decided to finally make this.

So, what is something that you miss from your childhood? Maybe it is an experience / Feeling / event / object / person, etc...

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Faking sick to school so that I could sleep in and watch some cartoons! And not having a job and doing whatever I felt like doing.

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I miss Digimon ...

I miss w.t.c.h.

I miss Card Captors.

I miss a lot of things ... But I'm over it, I'd never go back to repeat child hood, school is just horror.

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Some of the cartoons.

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Living the simple life

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Walking into video stores and staring at sun bleached VHS cases for terrible horror movies.

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Simplicity, ignorance.

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Old school Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

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Double Dare !

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Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of frosted flakes!!! lol, not sure if anyone remembers KidsWB, but that was the bomb. The days when coloring a picture was your homework. Just having fun with no cares in the world and nothing to worry about.

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Playing with Action Figures...

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That feel I had on Christmas morning.

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My old secondary school mates.

Playing in the street without fear of being grabbed/kidnapped.

Stealing apples from the local Market but wanting to get seen so the fat guy would chase me & my mates down the street.

School summer holidays & swimming in the local river.

& most of all My Granfolks who miss somuch even now :(

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The lack of intense emotional stress.

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Ecto cooler. Neighborhood hide and go seek. Super soaker 50 and 100 fights. Snow days. And believe it or not life wasn't too bad before the internet. If you needed help beating a game you called your friend/s.

Good thread.

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When a day used to seem like a really long time and a year even longer.

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Going to my Grandmas and spending the whole day there and when she would make meat and potato pie too. I miss that so much.

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Hey, Arnold!

Spending time with my grandparents.

Christmas toys.

DragonBall Z episodes.


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Pogs man...pogs (not really)

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@tdk_1997 said:

That feel I had on Christmas morning.

So much this!!!!! Now its just "Oh.....its christmas again...".

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Saturday morning cartoons

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Being able to buy comics in corner stores, country stores, gas stations, drug stores and dime (retail) stores.

Comics could be found and bought nearly anywhere back then, not just at bookstores and comic shops.

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  • Cartoons
  • Action figures
  • Super Nintendo
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Abe's Oddworld

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@raw_material said:

Faking sick to school so that I could sleep in and watch some cartoons!

Hehe! Used to do this to play more video games as well. xD

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Nap time.

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Summer Vacation, 3 months were you have no real responsibility and no bills to worry about. You're life will never be as awesome as it was when you were 15 on Summer vacation.

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My love for DBZ

School not being that big of a deal

Being able to get stuff for free

Asking my mother for stuff with out her repling ''USE YOUR OWN MONEY''

Math just using -+X/

Waking up every Saturday at like 4:0 to eat cereal and watch Inuyasha scream Kagome for bout an hour

people not judging me for watching cartoons.

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Reasons to go to Las Vegas, getting up for cartoons on Saturday, spending time with my friends, the huge ol' bowls of that real ramen we'd get and watch Godzilla movies too...

'Course, there isn't any reason other than me being away from the house that I can't have most of that back again...the good feels part of it all.

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i miss good old cartoon network for my child hood also the old nick

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Playing tackle football with my friends in the snow.

Saturday morning cartoons.

These 2 are at top of my list.

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Free time.

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Ahhh the blissfulness of ignorance.

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As told by Ginger.

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Action figures. Picking fights. Sleepovers with friends. All stuff that a more mature me can't do anymore :(

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The blissful ignorance of the reality of the world.

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Everything. Going out to play with friends. Not worrying about school. The toys.

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Doing fck all and hanging with friends.

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That brief period of bliss where Disney had the Power Rangers rights.