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huh i may have to check this out since 2 chicks from sons of anarchy ( maggie siff and the chick who playws lowen) are in it

no worries mods no nude i made sure of it

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Well then...

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Its nice to look at this film knowing many, if not most people will watch this film and have a "meh" perception of the lesbian aspect of the film, allowing the audience to judge it on its characterization and storytelling.

We often complain about how rotten the current world is, but if this film came out even as late as the 1980's, there would be a larger amount of equal divided people who would negatively stigmatize a film for portraying alternative sexualities/ see this film as a critical masterpiece due to its cutting edge, even if it quite frankly, blows.

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U mean tore up carpet is the title

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no nudes?


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no nudes?


you can find the nude one online. oviously i couldnt post it here so yea

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Man, that would be awesome...

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I'll just stick to snuggle films and my fan fics lol

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Yay !!

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Eh...looks like something that'll be on Lifetime in a year.

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Since when. Mad Tv made a sketch about it.

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Im already bored.

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If They was gonna really do a Lesbian Version of Brokeback Mountain do it right... now Heath and Jake are two pretty boys... so you need hot chicks for the female version of the film... I would go with Emmy Rossum from Shameless and Naya Rivera from Glee as the choices for this film... need some heavy sexual scenes so I can do the "Dexter Wiggle"

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So what's the connection with Brokeback Mountain? Doesn't look much like a western.

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