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A poll for what game will be crowned the Ultimate Combat Game of last generation (PS2/GC/Xbox)! After a few days of voting, I'll come back and tally them to see what game was crowned the master.

(Note: All games here also include re-releases)


Devil May Cry 3

The third iteration in the franchise that started the genre of "Extreme Combat", Devil May Cry 3 has the famous (and ultra-cool) demon hunter Dante battle to stop Earth from being infested with demons. Sporting some of the best graphics on the PS2, DMC3 moves with a fluidity not seen often in most games. A major overhaul from it's predecessor, DMC3 has multiple fighting styles and weapons to choose from, leading to some of the most insane combos ever! Only one word can describe millions feelings towards this game....


God Of War 2

Following up on his first critically acclaimed adventure, Kratos returns, more brutal and shocking than ever. Betrayed by his fellow gods, Kratos embarks on a quest to get even, and shake Mount Olympus like never before. With more intense "Quick Time events", more bosses, and a larger scale than the first God Of War, there's a reason why many consider this to be a masterpiece! Brutal, bloody, and epic, God Of War 2 is equal to a award-winning blockbuster movie.

Ninja Gaiden

After many years on vacation, master ninja Ryu Hayabusa returns to wreak havoc and do it with style. With a huge arsenal of weapons, eye-popping graphics and challenging battles, Ninja Gaiden is a comeback, and a reminder of the original games. Fast, bloody, and cool, this game broke boundaries upon it's released, and changed the limitations of action games. Like the ads said....

"Back-in black"


Many other extreme combat games were released, some better than others. If none of the other nominees float with you, than vote here!

Any and all games cannot have been on the PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360 to be voted for.

What game will take the prize?

(Yeah, I'm a little bored right now)

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Im gonna say Ninja Gaiden.

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Alrighty then.

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Ninja Gaiden. It was an amazing game.

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