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Its that time of Year again, Halloween! Where children dress up as their favorite characters, and grown women go out in the sexiest costume that won't get them arrested for looking like you are soliciting prostitution.... or that was the point. Anyway I'm going to tally up the most overly sexy Comic book outfits of 2012 for your significant other or your enjoyment.

Sexy Silk Spectre
Sexy Green Lantern
Sexy Batgirl...wait... Sara Jean Underwood?!
Sexy Supergirl
Sexy Wonderwoman
Another Sexy Batgirl
Another Sexy Wonder Woman... with a cape
Serously, what's with the cape?
Another... that's close enough
Sexy Robin... So Stephanie Brown?
Not a bad Poison Ivy
A actual good Supergirl costume
The best Dark Knight Rises Catwoman costume yet
Harley Quinn outfit has to best one out of them all
Sexy Flash


Sexy Captian America.. with more Sara Jean Underwood
Sexy Black Widow... that's redundant
Thor Girl... Do they know that's a actual character?

More Still to come

All of these costumes (and hundreds more... seriously, it's like a black hole of sexy costumes over there) can be found at

Which is the most ridiculous? Which is your favorite? What did I miss? Are there anymore costumes that need to be on this list? Let me know.

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Least favourite is Green Lantern:

Most favourite is CatWoman and/or Harley (but not the hair/makeup):

Yep --- Catwoman for sure. I was hoping for Elektra this year or X-23 but we'll see. I might just have to grab this instead although its *coughDCcough*

ooohhhhhhhh -- I saw this. This. Is. Awesome.

KITANA -- Mortal Kombat Costume....this is just...o-o

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These are all pretty tamed.

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That's Halloween for you.

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How I love Halloween. The time of the year where women get their inside $lut out.

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This is my expression

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My least favorite:

My favorite:

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@lykopis: I think if I could afford it (about $150) I would get this one:
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@lykopis: I would actually wear it outside of Halloween time, Halloween is the only time that I would have to tell people it is R2D2

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@RazzaTazz said:

@lykopis: I think if I could afford it (about $150) I would get this one:

Now that's sexy and adorable at the same time!

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The first sexy Super-Girl takes the cake, what a costume!

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kitana ftw