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Ya know I used to really like the Big Bang Theory, I thought the first two seasons where great but after that the show has started to leave a bad taste in my mouth, the humor seems forced and the characters have all some how changed, I'm really not enjoying the show any more and recently I came across this blog (thanks to Patrick over at Giant Bomb) that put's in to words what exactly my problam with the Big Bang Theory is. 
  The Problem With The Big Bang Theory...

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I only have problems with the last two seasons.Season 1,2 and 3 are good and I laughed my guts out at them but in the others it doesn't feel the same.

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I like the show, but I am sick and tired of all this "romantic comedy". The show lacks character development in seasons four, five and six. They have changed the characters for seemingly no reason other than to claim character development. It seems to me that the producers believe that the change of a certain character's persona is character development by default. Developing a character's background or introducing new plot elements that further explain a character's point-of-view is real character development, not arbitrarily changing a character.

Many times Sheldon has become a "Mary Sue" character, which is not necessarily a bad thing if that "Mary Sue" was similar to a character like Kirk or Charlie Harper; however, the show now revolves around Sheldon and his new, less-likable persona.

I loved the program "Frasier" becuase the show displayed profound amounts of character development every season without completely rewriting the characters we loved just to claim "character development". This is not the case with "The Big Bang Theory". The characters grow more one-dimensional by the episode. The jokes and punch lines are comparable to the worst of Rob Schneider's "comedy".

The Raj/Howard gay jokes are becoming predictable. It was initially a silly theme that was underscored by the funny comments of Leonard's mother but that well has long since run dry. Raj using medicine or alcohol and getting a bit loopy was a theme that was funny during seasons one and two but has since become hackneyed. Instead of trying to steer Raj's character in a different direction such as therapy or intervention for his medicine and alcohol problems, the writers decided to continue with the same, lame-duck plot-lines. The writers decided to include Chuck Norris jokes which have not been funny since 2007.

The characters do not use the same terms and ideas that they have used in the past, even when it would have negated the simple misunderstandings that could easily be avoided. For example, Sheldons jokes now typically require him to act in an effeminate way or to shout, "Bazzinga!" to ensure that the audience understands when something that he does is funny. This is an insult to the intelligence of the audience. Another example of this is the character of Stuart. Stuart is the nerdy character that owns a comic book store, has a social life and can talk to women. In a seemingly arbitrary action by the programs writers, Stuart suddenly is unable to make or keep friends, speak with women, or maintain any type of social life whatsoever. Again, this is not character development. The character of Priya is a carbon-copy of 'Mal' from "Frasier". They are both underdeveloped, one-dimensional characters, as well. The character of Amy is a geekier copy of 'Lilith' from "Frasier". Since the character of Leslie was already copy of 'Lilith', what point was there in making the character of Amy identical? There are now two clones of "Frasier's" 'Lilith' in Amy and Leslie, and both are insulting, one-dimensional slaps in the face to the audience. The final female character, Bernadette, only exists to be the girlfriend/wife of Howard. All of the female characters exist just as the girlfriends of one of the main, male characters. This is not only an insult to the general audience of the program, but an insult to females everywhere.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation", has episodes dedicated to each and every main character of the program. All of these episodes of the program developed the background and identities of the programs main characters. 'J. L. Picard' was 'J. L. Picard', 'Data' was 'Data', 'Worf' was 'Worf', and so on. The writers did not fully change the characters for the sake of "character development". The characters' histories were explored and plotted. Their personas were defined and explained through their actions and their personal experiences. They were not randomly changed for what seemed like no reason at any point.

The writers of "The Big Bang Theory" seem to have decided that the "Status Quo" is God. Since so many sitcoms are all about dating and romance, the writers of the "Big Band Theory" have decided that their program should be about dating and romance, as well. The show was not initially about dating. The show concerned the life of four nerdy friends and the female lead, 'Penny', in much the same way that the program "Frasier" was about 'Fraiser' his family and friends, and his main romantic interest, 'Lillith'. The program "Frasier" was able to maintain character integrity as well as having a hilarious, and at times romantic story line. It seems that "The Big Bang Theory" has not taken this approach and have instead opted to sacrifice character integrity for the sake of "going with the flow" and fitting in with all of the other unoriginal, dating and romantic comedy programs in broadcast.

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Oh mein gott, this article is a perfect representation of why I don't stand this show anymore. At first I watched a couple of episodes but got bored of it but having to seat through minutes before Community starts on the Comedy Network here in Canada I find excruciatingly bad and unfunny. Even as a nerd I can't relate to the main four guys and everything they do irritated me. Also Community is a better show in every respect and it's a travesty that that show is the one who gets screwed over at every turn.

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I thought this was like a physics thread about the actual theory LOL. <-Nerd mode

Anyway I've never been able to laugh at any single joke in the show and honestly, I've even searched up most funny scenes, watched them and didn't even smile. I think I'm either too stupid or it really just doesn't click with me.

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I just started watching the show, and I've noticed that episodes from earlier seasons are much funnier and just all around better than ones from later seasons

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@MatKrenz: IKR, and now it's made me want to watch Community  
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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@MatKrenz: IKR, and now it's made me want to watch Community

Did you watch it? It's awesome right? Can't wait for "October 19th".... Is your AV Splinter?

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@Project_Worm: I'v watched a few eps and it is pretty good and yes that is Master Splinter

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The show has /never/ been funny  to me.
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@The Stegman said:

The show has /never/ been funny to me.

I find Raj downright offensive, honestly.

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@CitizenBane said:

@The Stegman said:

The show has /never/ been funny to me.

I find Raj downright offensive, honestly.

Why is that?

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I though you where talking about the big ban theory at first.

Never watched the show though.

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Honestly it would be impossible for any Hollywood backed show to accurately portray nerds and be a wide audience hit.

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I think I have only seen one full episode from the entire show...

It was alright, but I certainly didn't feel any relation to it whatsoever.

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I love Big Bang. I think It is hilarious. But to each their own.

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@charlieboy said:

I love Big Bang. I think It is hilarious. But to each their own.

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Eh... I thought this was going to be a discussion about the BIG BANG theory.... I've been had!! lol