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Ya know it's funny...quite, considering our modern day age when everything is so immediate. Makes it hard to have any patience nowadays. Anyways I was writing on an application form with the help of my laptop and cell phone when I needed references. So I looked at my cell to get the numbers and the most ridiculous thing happened, somehow I tried to press a few buttons and magically transfer the info to the paper application!

I forgot that I would have to manually do it with my pen instead of punching a few buttons. All I can say folks is patience is a good thing, and sometimes it is better to back off from online activities for a while. It helps...

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Was in a coffee shop the other morning in London not far from one of the large main Train stations,Was about 6.30am & im in the shop drinking my expresso when these two young Japanese tourists came to the door & then just stood there, took em about 10 seconds to realize they had to push the door to enter the coffee shop & that the door wasnt automatic :)

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Patience - Guns n Roses, 1989.

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i think i'm kinda patient. : )

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Not many replies to this topic yet. Guess we'll just have to be patient.

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"They say Compassion Patience is a virtue, but I don't have the time"