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So here it is, a thread for people to discuss the winners so far, in case anyone still cares about this crap

Anyway, i think theyve been ok so far except for brave, that was bs, that movie wasnt half as good as pixars finest

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I didn't even know that was going on. Is it still going? Who's won what?

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Glad Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Quentin Tarantino, and Adele all won.

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I turned it off after Brave beat Wreck-It-Ralph. F*ck the Academy after that.

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i'm glad tarantino and christolph waltz won an award. i gotta see dark zero thirty.

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How's MacFarlane been as host? I don't find that guy half as funny as I think he does.

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@Captain_Yesterday: He performed far above my expectations. 
There is a sort of novelty to having a suave host for a big event such as this who can sing, dance, and be humorous. McFarlane excels in these areas and I would not mind seeing him return next year.
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Brave won over Wreck-It Ralph? Seems legit.

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  • Cried at the Les Mis medley
  • Jennifer Lawrence is perfect
  • Hugh Jackman is amazing
  • Samantha Barks is a perfect human being
  • Way to go Daniel!
  • I was pleasantly shocked at how well Argo did, considering Ben's Best Director Snub. Glad to see him get the nod for Producer and just omg how cute is he???
  • Quvenzhané Wallis > you
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This was probably one of the most balanced Oscars I've seen, if that means anything.

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Ben Affleck and Quentin Tarantino and Jennifer Lawrence and Huh Jackman and Anne Hathaway are all flawless, by the way.

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All I saw was a clip of the chick who played Mystique tripping and falling over the stairs to get her award... did anybody else fall over or faint that night ?
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More Hollywood gladhanding and backslapping.

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@kuonphobos said:

More Hollywood gladhanding and backslapping.

Wow! Two for two today! lol --

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@lykopis: =)

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Meh, I tend to avoid the Oscars, find them kinda boring. But I'm glad Christoph Waltz won something, Django was the only nominated movie that I saw. 

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didn't watch it; didn't care

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I correctly guessed every single one except for one.

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Ben Affleck FTW.

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@Mega_spidey01 said:

i'm glad tarantino and christolph waltz won an award.

I'm not.

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I realize that they've both made amazing films this year but I just cannot find it in myself to forgive Ang Lee or Ben Affleck for the abominations of Hulk and Daredevil respectively.

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Worst host I've ever seen, tried to copy Ricky Gervais but failed miserably. It's one thing to joke and rib, but another to be massively insensitive and disrespectful on national TV. I don't get why his shows are funny, his voice was below average, and he tried to upstage the real stars.

As for the movies, I felt Silver Linings Playbook was the best picture. Everyone knew that even though Lincoln was incredibly boring that DDL is going to take the prize. Yet another movie of his that was destined for greatness, but where he's the only one worth seeing. He's a system actor.

And the Hobbit got shut out, wow.

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Best doc must have been hard to choose, but maybe it is best that they chose the one that was the most uplifting.

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Glad ang lee won an award.