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Just curious but to the long time members of ComicVine is it the only forum you're an active member of?

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I don't know if I am considered a long time member, but no, ComicVine isn't the only forum I visit.

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Pretty much.

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Well, I used to be crazy active on The Lacrosse Forums, but not so much anymore.

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I've been on here for about a year, so I'm not sure if I could be considered a long time user. But yes, this is the only forum I visit. I used to visit Gamespot and ComicBookMovie, but the negativity contained in both sites was just too much for me to want to continue on with. Other forums nowadays just can't really hold my interest like CV does.

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Well... I guess you could say that.

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No. I'm also on my own boards.

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No, i'm on several :)

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Pretty much yes.

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No, I'm on a few others.

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there is about 50,000 posts in the Battle Forums I have also...
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Yes. It's also the only one I'm on that has boards with incredible amount of users actively posting. The Battle section on the forum is like nothing I've ever seen in a forum, and when you google a battle between 2 characters, usually it directs Comic Vine's battle for the characters in the top of the search.

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I used to be on a lot of forums before this site. Since I've joined this is my one and only home. This is the best site I've ever been on and I truly mean that.