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What kind of Heaven uses bounty hunters?


Who did you think they would send, a carpenter wearing sandals?

Angels: the warriors of Heaven and protectors of humankind. This is the basic idea of angels. Sometimes ,though, there are other interpretations of these heavenly beings. For the sake of this blog post I am only looking at fictional based angels.

Angels are the warriors of Heaven, I would not expect them to be very peaceful. Rational and level headed, but not peaceful per say. In a sense the angels from Darksiders. They are some what more confrontational than one would expect. Based off what I remember they seemed more worried about stopping War and the demons than helping humanity. Uriel also seems some what more worried about Abaddon than doing her angel duties. It was cool to see angles with gatling guns though.

While it might seem obvious to some and not so obvious to others, but I am a huge Spawn fan. I really like what was done with the angels. Having them as hunters of demons and hellspawn was a great change. In the Spawn universe it does make sense why they are some what more war like, due to god not being Man of Miracles/Jesus Christ/Mother of All Things. My favorite part of the angel mythos in Spawn would be the Redeemer. While not an angel himself he serves as a warrior of Heaven so he is close enough. While Jason Wynn being Redeemer made sense in terms of the plot. In terms of him being pure, it seems like the angels mixed up his resume with another person's profile. The second Redeemer seems to fit more of my interpretation of an angel better than the angels themselves. He was a man who went to prison and found God. He has the combat necessary, but had the pureness that one would need to be a soldier of Heaven.

If anybody has seen the Panty and Stocking anime, they would know it is strange. So to make a long story short the basic idea is that Panty and Stocking are angels who are sent down to Earth due to being sinful. While some would say that they are not angel's because they were cast out from Heaven, well they can still get back and they are not evil per say. Unlike most depictions of angels they are anarchists, while the demons are into order. This does make sense believe it or not. If we go by Jean-Jacques philosophy, society corrupts man and man at its purest would be back in prehistoric times. So an angel being an anarchist does make sense. In the english dub, though, it is implied most angels are not anarchists.

Now we head into the DC universe. Let's first talk about the Phantom Stranger(preNew 52). One of his possible origins is that he was an angel. This would make sense due to the fact in Blackest Night it is stated that phantom Stranger is beyond death and life. This can be seen when Etrigan(in the Phantom Stranger angel origin, it is shown that Etrigan was once an angel) has his heart removed by Black Lantern. The idea of angels being like Phantom Stranger is intriguing. More of a guardian angel who tells one about things to come if it is important and let you decide your own fate. Another angel in the DCU I would like to look at would be Zauriel. Zauriel is the best example of what an angel(in my opinion) should be. A warrior with a heart of gold. I wonder how Zauriel would react to Panty and Stocking?

Thank for reading my blog and tell me your thoughts.

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Interesting stuff

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@RazzaTazz: Thanks

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Well if you go by the original stories concerning angels, the more vicious ones currently being shown make a lot more sense. If you go back to the Old Testament or the Torah you'll find that angels are nothing to be taken likely. These are the creatures God sends to smite cities and deliver plagues along with demon fighting and what not.

Pop culture has drastically changed the perception of angels, for instance Cherubs, we hear that we think of cute chubby babies with wings but originally the Cherubim were basically the wrath of god given form who tended to appear as lion headed beasts that god sent out to destroy evil with prejudice.

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@joshmightbe: I was not aware of that. Thanks!

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@joeagentofhand1: Some of the original angel stories can get down right frightening and that's not even getting into the fallen angels

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The same thing can be stated about the angles from the show Supernatural. At first they seemed to be peaceful and careing but as the series progressed it seemed that the angles started to become as bad as some of the demons Sam & Dean were fighting at the start of the show. Lter on the angles were willing to smite an entire town just to stop on person if not for Dean the angles would have killed thousands claiming that it was all part of Gods plan. Also the angles wanted to start the apoclypse the whole rescuing of Dean from hell was all part of the plan to end the world forcing both brothers to play their parts as it were Sam the vessel for Lucifer and Dean being the vessel for the Arc Angle Michael. The only reason that the Apocolypse didn't happen was the brothers refused to follow the "plan" proving that free will was a better choice.

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@Ms. Omega: The whole issue from that springs up from this modern image of angels people have when in the actual origin of angels smiting a whole town just to prove a point is pretty much right up their alley. These are the creatures that delivered the 10 plagues of Egypt.