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@ssejllenrad said:

Anyone else think the Android Saga would have been better without Cell?


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@Decoy Elite said:

@ssejllenrad said:

Anyone else think the Android Saga would have been better without Cell?


maybe.. or maybe not.. Idk why they draw things out so long. Specially the screaming part..

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@ssejllenrad said:

Anyone else think the Android Saga would have been better without Cell?

Would have been better if Cell hadn't changed forms. Just killed the androids and then tried to absorb Goku or someone.

Hell, I could see it being a lot better if he actually managed to SUCCEED in absorbing Goku, and then Gohan has to save the day.

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@ssejllenrad said:

@Death Certificate said:

@ssejllenrad said:

What DBZ arc wasn't flat anyway? They're all the same. Linear crapfest. Now DB, that had story! Adventures, battles, humor, it had em all. I even prefer GT's arcs over DBZ's. They had more substance. DBZ's appeal wasn't in the stories. It had none. Finding quality story from DBZ is like finding drama and character development in porn. DBZ's appeal came from the action.

GT literary made everybody who wasn't goku, pushed to the background.

So did Z. Tons of teasing that almost made Gohan the main character but didn't push through with it. Almost every DBZ arc was like that. Villain comes, Goku is somehow not available, Z fighters battle with the villain but fail, Gohan shows promise but comes out short (insert Piccollo saving Gohan, especially in the OAVs), Goku goes and saves the day. A wee bit different with Cell's ending but when Buu arrived, the same thing happens. So linear. So predictable.

GT was at least a sort of self-ripoff of DB with its adventures focusing on kid Goku. Some journey here and there. Fights not lasting gazillion episodes. Non-uber serious villains (except with the last 2 arcs). At least it was less predictable and less linear. And tons of fan service. Yes, it wasn't a masterpiece a wee bit of a watering down in terms of action. But story-wise. It was ahead of Z.

Dude every arc in GT was more predictable than Z, the whole search for the dragonballs was dropped the moment baby was made.

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@Death Certificate: To each his own, I guess. I still think DBZ was the lamest among the three series in terms of storyline. As linear as it can get.

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@ssejllenrad: I can agree that GT has the best opening.

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@Death Certificate: Haha! We're inversed on that one. Cha-La Head Cha-La was the most epic for me. LOL!

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I know this is old but i actually truly enjoyed the buu arc. It was unique. And it showed that DBZ characters had far worse things to deal with in their universe. A monster that turns its opponents into candy via molecule/matter manipulation. But i honestly did believe the arc had a little bit more potential. It was such a large and crazy arc. And i personally like buu soooo much better than cell. Far more interesting character concept.

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Why would they make Gohan the main character?

He specifically stated he didn't like to fight and wanted to become a scholar, while Goku has an ambition and drive to fight and get stronger.

People seriously are bitching that we didn't see the series be passed on to Mr. Scholar and his books?

Smh, Comicvine you disappoint.

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It's the only one I liked.

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That's what they did in the manga and then no one liked it and then kept going.

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It did have imo the best fights of the series with Majin Vegeta vs Goku and Vegeta vs Kid Buu

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The only good part about it was Vegeta vs Goku...even then, Goku was holding back, making the fight kinda moot.

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Majin buu saga was the best saga and way more epic than cell saga

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Cell Arc for just for dat Trunks.

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Buu Saga was mediocre overall, but brings some of the best moments in series.