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I was just watching 20/20 and on the show they had a segment about a girl named Brooke Greenberg who was 16 year old in age but had the body of a Toddler ? Wha... What The Fu#k ? How is This Possible ? And does this mean she could hold the key to the Fountain of Youth within her Genes ? Any Thoughts ?

Image of Brooke Greenberg at 16 years old... No Lie !

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Whoa! das crazy

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That's not dissimilar to a condition wherein the individual ages roughly 5 faster than normal. At 10 the person is equivalent to about 30 or 40 years of age. The live expectancy is shy of 20. I wish I knew the name of the condition. The condition is called Progeria. Here's an article about a boy who has it: http://www.lex18.com/Global/story.asp?S=9157609  Brooke's condition is very extraordinary, and may eventually aid in leading to the fabled "fountain of youth".

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Hmmm, a reverse Jack. Weird

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A 16 -year old with the body of a toddler...this I've GOT to see...

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The Curious Case of Brooke Greenberg?

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...And people think our world is too plain for comic book-ish dramas...

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This just goes to show that our world is more interesting, the closer you look at it, than we tend to think. Here's a link to an article: Brooke Greenberg

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I saw this on CBS news and it really just shocked me.....its like immortality....sumthin of that nature..

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This Story Really Intrigued Me When I Saw It... I Couldnt Believe It At First... But Based on the Studies of Medical Doctors... Its Real