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The title and the views expressed here are not mine. I just saw this and wanted to know what people here thought. 

The type of fictional character known as a “superhero” originated in U.S. comics during the years of the Great Depression in the 1930s. The first was Superman, with Batman, Spiderman and others not far behind.

These superheroes conceal their identity with some kind of outlandish costume or mask and go around “fighting crime.” It cannot be dismissed as a mere coincidence that the theme of masked vigilantism by white men has caught on so much with the U.S. psyche, especially in this era of multiple U.S. wars, capitalism at a dead end and the growth of the oppressive state. 

Gotham City: A fascist fantasy land

The recent Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises,” embraces all the negative aspects of the superhero type. Bruce Wayne, Batman’s secret identity, is himself a billionaire, yet the film portrays him as an oppressed victim of the inconsiderate and ungrateful poor. The villain is an agitator who preaches class struggle, riling up impoverished people against somehow-misunderstood rich people.

The police are portrayed as useless and restrained by civil liberties. So, in their place, like a caped George Zimmerman, Batman goes out to protect “law and order” when oppressed people are duped into rising up.

It is only in the fictional city of Gotham that the rich are oppressed. In reality, a wealthy one-tenth of 1% runs the U.S. and has control of the banks, factories, oil wells and all the commanding heights of the economy. They control the two major political parties, bestowing unlimited money on their favored candidates. They own the media and craft public opinion to their liking. They launch wars of aggression to keep their profits flowing.

The police in the real world are anything but restrained. They frequently get away with killing innocent people in places like New York City and Anaheim, Calif.

There is no “softness on crime.” The prison system has 2.5 million people behind the walls, the highest number of any country in the world. The majority inside are Black and Brown people, with little chance of finding decent employment. The death penalty is used frequently in the United States, with many innocent people like Troy Davis its victims.

This violent and punitive society has given rise to killers like James Holmes and George Zimmerman, as well as fascists like the Tea Party and the Minutemen. These violent racists seem to think they are heroes for “taking the law into their own hands” when they attack defenseless immigrant workers or come to public meetings about health care reform with loaded firearms.

Take history into our own hands

The false portrait of society painted in “The Dark Knight Rises” is clearly designed to incite these elements, as well as to demonize rising progressive movements for change.

The answer for poor and working people is not some savior. The answer is coming together and fighting against the capitalist class. Together we could seize society from the 1% and begin constructing a socialist world without racism, sexism and homophobia and with jobs, education and healthcare for all.

Actual history contains very few “superheroes.”

The labor movement, the civil rights struggle, the uprisings of Occupy Wall Street and the working-class revolutions of the 20th century have all been the work of millions of self-sacrificing, heroic individuals.

Like them, we must take history into our own hands. Together we can bring down the capitalist 1% and their system and begin constructing a better world. We cannot wait for someone to save us.

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Why can't anyone just watch a goddam movie without reading into and looking for things that aren't there?

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@Glitch_Spawn said:

Why can't anyone just watch a goddam movie without reading into and looking for things that aren't there?

people like to reading between every movie, comic book, video game, game, even in the food (some people find mesage and images)

i think south park had a couple of episodes about this...

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Pure idiocy.

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A socialist talking out of his behind. Typical.

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Everyone is entitled to their opinions no matter how stupid it may be. 

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Well their had to be a counter nut to Rush.

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lol *sigh* only the left would compare George Zimmerman to Batman or vice versa...

I'm pretty sure though if there really were vigilantes, I'd be willing to bet the leftwing would have a far bigger issue with it then the rightwing with Independents in between or undecided.

Hell, if I had powers I'd be a hero, possibly vigilante regardless of politics. I can't see how helping people is a bad thing, heroes put their lives on the line for people they don't even know...

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@Glitch_Spawn said:

Why can't anyone just watch a goddam movie without reading into and looking for things that aren't there?


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Well isn't he stupid.

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Doesn't Spiderman kind of ruin the argument here, he's not exactly a 1%er also Bane wasn't supporting the 99% movement either he just used it to suit his own agenda.

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Workers World? lol Workers World definitely invoke Poe's law.  
@Glitch_Spawn said:

Why can't anyone just watch a goddam movie without reading into and looking for things that aren't there?

Well mainly because really rich and powerful people have access to really smart people and can afford to often throw in things into even things such as movies that they know can have some pay off. People have been looking for ways to manipulate other people for centuries, why would modern movies be any different? Naturally the ambiguity of why and how leads to a lot of above (Workers World article) but the worse thing one can do (after punching puppies in the face) is oversimplify a situation in the face of poor arguments. 20 years ago you could ask a room full of people two political party videos and ask if one of them is trying to manipulate you more than other? It could be easy to say there is nothing there. Then again today we know that appealing to a persons mortality and safety will in general get a large amount of them to think less, and feel more, and actually make people of one political mindset, more inclined to vote for another political party despite what they think about politics.  
Doesn't mean that people can't just go to the movies and enjoy it, I do. Nor should anyone think that every body is out to manipulate them, just that some people, lots of smart people are actually employed to spend a lot of time trying to get people to do things that benefit them or other people. Most big businesses and corporations do this, from fast food industries using the color red a lot and supermarkets packaging the same types of food in different packaging to appeal to people who think they are buying cheaper or people who think they are buying fancier foods. I mean we just don't live in a bubble world. This isn't so much a political point but just a people point. Corporations started pooling money into the movie industry in the early 20th century in exchange for creative input. Of course if something is about people, you can guess that politics will come. Such things aren't always obvious, such things aren't always overbearing, sometimes such things don't always work, such things aren't always there. Except such things are often there. We know this because we know that people attempt to put them there and that a lot of ignorant people bite.             
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@Glitch_Spawn said:

Why can't anyone just watch a goddam movie without reading into and looking for things that aren't there?

4 realz yo.

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......Good lord.

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This article really only applies to heroes like Batman and Iron Man. Spiderman may as well be the poster boy for the 99%ers, a broke guy who works his ass off for virtually no reward

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I'm supposed to pay attention to political ideologies being applied to my pastimes, or continuing that line of thought, care?

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The writer's a socialist, so his/her point is moot automatically. They compared Occupy Wall Street to the civil rights movement? Lol sure okay.

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@joshmightbe said:

This article really only applies to heroes like Batman and Iron Man. Spiderman may as well be the poster boy for the 99%ers, a broke guy who works his ass off for virtually no reward

... until Horizon Labs, that is. :P

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I'm too lazy to read any of this d-_-b

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I'm a leftist. And I never saw something like a pro-totalitarian message in Batman stuff. Also I never saw any single "working class revolution" in the 20th century (If he means the revolutions in our countries, those were national liberation movements. There was never a proletarian revolution). Don't know what this guy is talking about. It's true that most of the vigilantes from the past were reactonary, conservative scumbags who loved to shoot at striking workers. But they have not really anything to do with superheroes. Dude should read some comic books first before he writes about superheroes.

Also this "fascism critics" about Bats aren't new.

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Curious, what vigilantes were not liberal who shot striking worker? I wonder if that guy even knows that Zimmerman is a liberal who shot that kid. Has nothing to do with the vigilante being conservative or liberal, although it just so happens that people like Batman wouldn't be liberal... I guess they have balls and are "rich" ? lol we all know how the left feels about the rich lol. I do give vigilantes with morals credit like a Batman or Superman.

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Wow, dumb things a lefty is saying about superheros. Never seen that on here.

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@Glitch_Spawn said:

Why can't anyone just watch a goddam movie without reading into and looking for things that aren't there?

Hell Yeah to this !!!

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While those are actually a very articulate list of why I'm not watching batman... It is however a freaking movie... Get over yourselves

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i go more for the left when it has to do with politics. but this right here is just some idiot who thinks everything in movies has something to do with politics. and the right does the same thing to, you guys should read what rush limbaugh says about TDKR. both sides of the scale have there idiots