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Hey guys I checked but couldn't find a topic which is the same.

So basically what is the moment in your life which had you laughing so hard you could barely speak.

Ok I'll go first when I was in p7 (for americans that's middle school I think) me and my friends entered the school talent show, are act was basically football skills like doing keepy ups and doings cool flicks while passing without ball touching ground (are attempt was funny enough to the crowd). Well basically half way through my friend Corey was passing the ball and he hit it too hard and it hit my friend Cameron on the head which knocked him back, he then was basically doing a road runner impression flailing his arms trying to stay on stage for literally 15 seconds before falling of stage onto the teachers who caught him (no one was hurt) You may think I'm a jerk but I literally laughed for like 20 minutes.

I'm expecting the hardest I laughed was at your grammar but I'm on my phone so what the heck.

For the people who could get through that without going insane at my punctuation thanks for reading.

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When I discovered SammyClassicSonicFan

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The final season 3 episode of Arrested development. The whole On Yung banana stand thing almost made me pee.

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A rock

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On my birthday. I have a friend named car pisser. When she gets drunk she climbs on my car, and pees on it. On my birthday she was peeing on my car as she does, but this time she slips in her own pee,and slides off my car. She landed ass first on a broken beer bottle. Next thing you see is her shuffling full speed down the street with her pants around her ankles, and broken glass stuck in her ass......

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The hardest I ever laughed in my life, I mean I was literally rolling on the floor, laughing out loud. Was when I saw this for the first time. One of the funniest stand up bit I've seen to date.

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Me, some good friends and their dad doing Monty Python impressions.

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I do this way to often. This video is the last thing I remember getting to me like that, mostly because of the way they start dancing all happily like nothing happened after an obviously painful mistake.

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When I read that comment about the "car pisser" lady.

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The last time I remember laughing so hard is when is saw this:

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When I found out about these guys, real guys, real sh!t

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I don't remember what I thought was so funny but I recall being on acid.