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Now that the trailers of both movies have been shown, which is the one you're wanting more to see?

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Oh Man ! This is tough one ! I want to see them both so much. Christian Bale is awesome as Batman ! I hope he does well as John Connor in the new Terminator movie.
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Altough Ironman isn't my favorite marvel character, his movie looks like the most decent one that marvel has done so far.

but on the other hand; The Dark Knight has well Batman my favorite hero and also Batman begins was awesome, one of the best movies based on comic characters. Christopher Nolan as director and Christian Bale as Batman was enough to make it a good movie, but adding Ra's al ghul? man it was great. I had my doubts at first of the dark knight. Because altough begins was awesome it wasn't automatically a reason to believe it was good. However with this trailer I'm more than convinced.

For me it's the dark knight

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Iron Man

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I'm actually equally excited for both of them. I'm excited for Batman because Batman Begins was already excellent... and this one finally has the Joker, but the Iron Man movie actually has great potential as it is finally produced my Marvel themselves, now had some other Hollywood studio produced it instead, that would've been a different story.

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I'm looking forward to both. Like others have said, Batman has a proven track record so I'm almost certain it will be great. Iron-man looks awesome, but is a bit more wait and see.

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i'm not a fan of christian's bale acting skills, so even i love batman and i'm dying to see ledger as jocker, i'll go for iron man.

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Dark Knight.

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i think iron man but im hoping niether one is disapointing

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I am looking forward to the Dark Knight because Bale is awesome (see Equilibrium), and Batman Begins was awesome. On the other hand, Iron Man comes out on my birthday, so it is like a gift from Marvel to me.

I would say they are both going to be good.

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Sparda says:

"Dark Knight."

I'm waiting for Two-Face...

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They both look good, but a slight edge to the Dark Knight.

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The Dark Knight

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ironman its somthing new and i really cant wait to see how they do it

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both look good to me