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I don't understand what your asking
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@Killermike, no worries it's really simple(if you're a gamer you'll see what I mean here)  do you play much? Pretty much I'm asking if you think the casual gamer has more say/influence over a more hardcore player who cares more about competition, online play, offline tournaments etc.

Well, here's my view of it since I'm also discussing this on another site and felt it would be really cool to see how you guys feel since a lot of us are gamers at comicvine, was thinking to myself the other day while the site was down for updating. This would probably make for a great topic to discuss.

This is a general question that applies to all games in general, Fighters, FPS's, Adventure games, games online in general, Puzzle games, etc whatever.

Do you think the Casual player has priority or does the Hardcore player have more priority?

It's really tricky, sure I'm sure most will think Casual for sure since the Mario days and that may be true....however, these days some games are made JUST for the more hardcore player while not really considering the casual player, and vice versa...

Games that come to mind off hand are COD, Halo as both seem to be aimed more at the "hardcore" audience rather then just casual, sure a casual gamer can play either but mostly will get destroyed online or against other people offline even(such as myself for example in these two games lol)

Then you have great gems like Mario, Metroid, SSBB, Split Second, SF4 and MK9 where these games used to be more simple, yet over time they've gotten more complex with more tools offered for the higher level/hardcore player.

Example, The new Mario Brothers Wii is a great game for either casual or hardcore players. Although I consider myself a big fan of Mario, I'm not like most Mario fans I like to play the game more hardcore, wall jumping for things, getting everything not just going thru the level and if you play with 3 other friends I assure you the game gets VERY challenging lol.

Metroid, Zelda, SSB have the casual game tools since majority will be just that but yet they also offer more elite tools for the more serious, hardcore guy. I'm sure check can back me up here with Metroid's newer Other M. SSBB is a good example I think, played mainly by casual players but has the tools as well as options for more serious players(no items for example and certain stages)

Now, take two key fighting games now. SF coming back with SF4 and MK with MK9, both games are made with the intentions as creators of both even admitted, to appeal to both the casual gamer, as well as offer tools in there for the more hardcore, advanced player. Now, in that respect they're the same. You can go to SF4 and MK and pick either up relatively quick but that's not to say it won't take time to "get good at" but definitely less time then say...

Virtual Fighter or perhaps DOA, Tekken games like that that are simply more technical. Especially VF lol.

So my question for you guys is this, do you think casual gamers have more priority over hardcore gamers or do you think hardcore gamers have more priority over casual ones? Discuss and have fun :)

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What is a hardcore gamer exactly?
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Damn lol if I'd had to take a guess I'd say not many hardcore guys on here eh? 
Ok, well I'll explain more tomorrow have to get some rest lol, have a headache but I'm sure this will get interesting but I'll give ya a brief explaination of the difference between the two :) 
A hardcore gamer is a gamer that plays more serious, hardcore, very competitively, goes to tournaments or plays in them online or offline, loves to compete and also plays professionally even(think Swoozie, Master from DOA or Daigo and Justin Wong from SF4) 
For now, professional gaming is limited to just a few games but it'll spread to more genres in the future hopefully. 
The casual gamer is what majority gamers are typically speaking, you pick up the newer games to play more for fun, casually, you don't really care about competiting or being good at the game. 
There are also games made these days that appeal to just casual gamers, some more hardcore and some made for both given the kind of player you are.

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I'm going with the Hardcore Gamers.
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@ComicStooge said:
" I'm going with the Hardcore Gamers. "
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I've always been sorta mixed between the two, though I guess I lean a little more to the casual side - I'll play seriously, but never competitively.   my bf used to go to anime conventions, and they'd always set up a game room and play marvel vs. capcom, which is fun and fantastic 'til you get one of those boys who're a little too 'in it to win it' for their own good.   I think the best games are generally geared toward the hardcore gamer, with a softer learning curve for casual and recreational play
however, online games are a whole other type of creature.   honestly, I wouldn't dare dream of playing ranked Halo, but that's because I'm fairly certain I'd get trashed.   but at least what you see is what you get - you honestly shouldn't be playing for ranking unless you're playing for winning.
but NEVER underestimate the sheer power of a good, simple party game - there's nothing wrong with a little DJ Hero from time-to-time :)   besides, if it weren't for recreational games, we'd never get to see Babs bust-a-groove on Dance Central

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@ComicStooge said:
" I'm going with the Hardcore Gamers. "
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hardcore players ruin the game. ever played world of warcraft? good lord
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There are more casual players than Hardcore players and as such most gaming companies will cater to the casual gamers because that's where the profit is to be had. Take WoW for example, they made it easier and easier over time to accomodate to the casual players.

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Depends on your definition of Hardcore gamer, but generally the casual game crowd will always be much larger, ergo if you want to make money, you make games for them.
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I mean I love to "game", but I don't consider myself hardcore cause I bored of games REAL quickly. I'll buy a game, play the crap out of it for like 2 days, and then get bored. Got like 3 games on my shelf where I'm at the last boss and just don't feel like beating it. Even games like Halo are awesome, but even those can get repetitive to me.

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@Darkseid Elite said:

"hardcore players ruin the game. ever played world of warcraft? good lord "


I hear ya lol, sometimes people get like that on ANY game online from WOW to fighting games to Halo and all in between. 
@hellos, well there really is only one definition of both which I explained above. 
Casual Gamer-Plays for fun, kill time and because they're a fan of the series casually and just to beat the game at their own pace.  May play online also but more for recreational purposes, doesn't care if he/she loses or wins.
Hardcore Gamer-Takes games seriously, must win or cares about winning, being good at the games they play, play competitively online and offline via tournaments. Just think those video games that have professional players involved. There you go.
That's what Darkseid Elite was saying, some people "hardcore players" ruin the experience for the "casual" players online sometimes, you have people that have no lives, and take gaming far too seriously sometimes.
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Why would anyone not pick choice D? There is enough variety to satisfy anyone, "hardcore" or "casual". Play whatever you want, however you want.

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@Joey Ravn said:
"Why would anyone not pick choice D? There is enough variety to satisfy anyone, "hardcore" or "casual". Play whatever you want, however you want. "

Good point, well said. It just goes to show you that majority feel one should have superiority over the other....